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DIY Weddings can look so great! It will not only save you some money but will also give a very personal feel to to your special day – so worth it! Have a look at these diy ideas from Karen Kelly’s wedding.


Background: Eugene and I attended the same homegroup at church, but never really paid attention to each other until a mutual friend invited us for supper one night and conveniently disappeared. We were forced to talk and after 6 hours of non-stop talk realised that we had way more in common than initially thought.


We ended up spending all our free time together, fell in love, and the rest is history!


The proposal: Hmm, Eugene was asked to be a medic at an adventure race in Pretoria and after much debate convinced me to attend with him. He was up all night to ensure the safety of the participants, whilst I made a bed in the back of the bakkie and slept.


The next morning he woke me with smarties and coffee. A weird, but wonderful combination. As I was chewing my way through the smarties, I felt something with a different shape inside the box and pulled it out. My initial thoughts were that I had won some competition, but found it strange that it was a ring. Then he popped the question, my response “off course yes!”


DIY: From the start I wanted to do as much as possible myself for the Wedding day. It not only saves money, but gives a unique and personal touch to the day.


The key to DIY is not to try attempt the impossible, I knew nothing about flowers, so left it to the pros and am not very good at either baking or cooking, so also stayed away from the cake.


After deciding on the colours (purple, green and a dash of pink) of the day, the first that had to be done was to finalise a date and book a venue. Thereafter the focus moved to the invites.


I bought all of the paper used at Le Papier and after we almost broke three printing shops’ printers whilst trying to do the printing we decided to try our little HP printer at home. (Make sure that the paper thickness or grammage that you buy is good for normal printers!) It worked like a bomb, to spice the stationary up, I added a punched heart in purple stuck with a glue dot.


Dress, jersey and birdcage veil:
My mom was literally amazing when it came to this. I found some pics on the net, showed her what I wanted and she made it in a day!


Cake toppers:
From Goosegrease on Etsy. See this post for how this was done.


Wedding tree:
I asked my aunt who is super artistic to paint me a wedding tree, but fortunately for you, you can now download a free printable here on Lovilee


As it was a morning wedding and myself, my sister, cousin and friend stayed at the venue the night before, I decided that it would be best to do my hair myself. I had my hair straightened at a hairdresser the day before and then my sister curled it Ghd-style the morning. I then tied it and with my sis’ help we fitted the birdcage veil.


I really think that its important to leave this to the experts. There is sooo much stress and emotions on the day that what always seems easy can become a nightmare. It is also important that the make-up is done in such a way that it enhances your photos. Mine was done by Ilana from Cosmetiek


Melanie Wessels – would not have wanted it any other way!


Venue and flowers:
Melanie from Ducks Country House and Venue


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