A cloudy baby shower

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Based on other people’s reactions towards my friend and the news that she is expecting twins, I can surmise that most people find the concept of having more than one baby at a time a rather overwhelming concept. But if you sit and consider and even try to grasp the complexities of nature and how a woman’s body is able to create and grow more than one baby at a time (one boy and one girl), it’s nothing less than extraordinary. So it was twice the pleasure to host a baby “shower” to celebrate the imminent arrival of the two precious babies with the expecting mom.

I gathered the “shower” inspiration from www.bumpsmitten.com. As I mentioned, Lisa, the expecting mom is having a boy and a girl so I needed a gender neutral theme and preferably one that was unruffled if that makes any sense? Fluffy rain clouds made from white fleece fabric and pillow stuffing hung above the brunch table. Rain drop cut outs were suspended from the clouds with transparent nylon or fishing gut (for precision cutting use a large heart cutout and fold in half). Handmade cloud cutouts ornamented the vanilla cupcakes and touches of bright and cheery yellow added a splash of colour.

For brunch I served plain, choc chip and blueberry flap jacks. Table signage was made from scrap pieces of wood painted with chalkboard paint and guests were instructed to “load up their flapjack anyway they liked” with berries, cheeses and/or syrups. The aim was to keep it simple but unique.

To thank guests for “dropping” by, my talented sister-in-law assisted with the labels for tiny treat bags filled with homemade raindrop cookies. Cutting out the raindrops wasn’t easy and the outcome left a lot to be desired but they still tasted good!

It was such an honour to host a baby shower for this mom and the twins who are due in a month’s time. As a mom I know she’ll have her work cut out for her but with two babies to love comes four little cheeks to kiss goodnight, two miracles instead of one!

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