A special autumn maternity shoot

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Parents & Sibling: Noël & ElmaRi with Ilke-Iné
Baby’s name: Miya
Expected arrival: 23 July 2012
Shoot location: South African Jockey Training Centre in Shongweni, Durban
Photographer: Adrian Shields Photography & Design

Autumn maternity shoot

Adrian Shields has submitted a couple of shoots to our blog before. Not only had I the privilege of meeting this talented photographer and wife, Jaime – he also did my maternity shoot. Apart from the fact that my almost-two-year-old wasn’t interested in smiling for a single photograph, but only for the nearby horses – it was an amazing experience!

Adrian and Jaime works very well as a team and directed our every move, they made it real easy. The shoot took place on the grounds of the South African Jockey Training Centre in Shongweni, Durban. A real stunning venue this time of the year, with the autumn leaves creating an amazing setting for a special shoot like this.

We decided to name our daughter Miya. I liked Mia, but wanted something different and also the pronounciation to be “Mee-yah”. Only after my sister asked what it meant did I google it. According to Parents Connect, it means: “Temple; increasingly beautiful“. I quite like that! I am looking forward meeting our second bundle of joy!

For more of Adrian’s lovilee photos visit www.adrianshields.co.za or facebook.

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