Christian & Lisa Trublet (Bohemian Themed Wedding)

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Couple: Christian & Lisa Trublet
Wedding date: 23.06.2012
Venue: Galagos Country Estate, Donkerhoek, Gauteng
Photography: IZ Labuschagne Photography

This Bohemian Themed Wedding was filled with many lovilee elements: the bunting decor at the ceremony; popcorn for confetti; Lisa’s amazing wedding dress; Christian’s stylish suit; the beautiful bridesmaid dresses and a bride’s bouquet made of baby’s breath flowers. Those are just to mention a few.

In Lisa’s own words, here’s the adorable story of how they met:
“On the playgrounds of our old primary school Irene Primary, he was hand tennis champion and I was trying not to get hit by the ball every morning as I arrived at school. Many years passed, we went to rival high schools, crossing paths at inter high school sports days. We then somehow bumped into each other on the very first orientation day of University at the University of Pretoria. If only we knew then that seven years later we’d be marrying each other. Life has a funny way sometimes…

We re-connected on Facebook and not much chit-chat occurred until I returned from London in 2010. We bumped into each other at a mutual friend’s ‘farewell’ drinks at our local restaurant and I was smitten. He had blossomed into a handsome gentleman and for the first time in all the years we ‘bumped’ into each other he was now the one who was unavailable. I was totally bummed, but alas, it’s a small town and we bumped into each other again at a local pub (how romantic). We do a lot of ‘bumping’… He was with a girl and I was with a guy, but neither of us knew that these people were only our friends so we thought we were both with our ‘partners’. It came out during the night that we were all ‘just friends’ and there was an invisible sense of relief on both our faces as we realised we were now both really actually single. We went out on a date a week later and before I knew it he was braai’ing for my parents and we were moving in together – the rest as they say is history. We are now happily married a year and a half later with ZERO regrets just big smiley happy hearts filled with ushy gushy love for each other. Love has no particular timing but the ‘right time’.”

Why a Bohemian wedding?

“Christian and I have been to a few weddings in past years and while we took as many pointers and tips from each of them we really wanted something that would reflect our characters and our crazy stupid love. We are both spiritual people with creative instincts and our ideas for our wedding day, we felt, reflected just that – a little bit of both our personalities. My personality came out in most of the decor and Christian’s personality came through in all the music. We had Foo Fighters ‘Times Like These’ acoustic playing for the bridal party to enter, then I arrived on Lana del Ray ‘Video Games’. It created the perfect atmosphere; music really does make it so memorable. I always wanted a wedding on a beach or in the forest, and well the nearest beach to Gauteng is about six hours away so the forest suited us just fine. There was so much we were allowed to do with the decor. Galagos Estate was very encouraging of our ideas and at the end of the day we had our dream wedding!”

More suppliers:

  • Stationary: DIY by the Bride, Lisa
  • DJ: Provided by the venue
  • Catering: Provided by the venue
  • Wedding coordinators: Provided by the venue
  • Wedding cake: Magriet se Kombuis

”We were so grateful for all their efforts in making our day a magical one,” Lisa said, “ and our photographers at Iz Photography were SUPER COOL, what worked for us is that we were so comfortable just being ourselves around them and that’s when you get the best photos. They are very talented too so it all came together beautifully.”

For more photos of the lovilee day click here.

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