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By Word of Heart originated because of two women’s passion, creativity, dreams and hard work. But essentially being faithful to God’s voice that writes His Word on our hearts… Besides unique, quality products, ‘By Word of Heart’ offers people an opportunity to chat, laugh, relax – a place to be recharged for awhile amidst our busy lives and responsibilties!

Join them on Friday 7 September 2012 from 09h30 at 18 Main Street, C/o Central Avenue (Entrance), Linden Ext. They close the gate with difficulty at 16h30.

A percentage of all profits are donated to a good cause.

For any queries, please feel free to contact:

The release of the much anticipated Katvoet-verse took place at the August market, here with a little snippet of what it’s all about: “Met Katvoetverse neem Denise van Rensburg en illustreerder Marika van Heerden die leser op ’n holderstebolder katvoetreis van avonture met allerlei vreemde karikature. Van monsterbabas en tandmuisetende pa’s tot die spook van Uniondale, Antjie Somers en ’n parmantige meermin of twee. Ideaal vir voorlees (4 tot 6) en selflees (6 tot 12). Ook ’n welkome uitkoms vir onderwysers en drama-afrigters op soek na nuwe materiaal om tydens kunstefeeste en ander geleenthede voor te dra.”

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