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Baking cake in cones make perfect portions, and less of a mess! Almost no crumbs and no piece being bigger or smaller than another. There are small baking cups, that tastes like ice cream cones quite easily available in supermarkets. The ones I found was quite small, but perfect for toddlers as they have their own mini cake.


Baking cake in ice cream cones makes cake more exciting and there are loads of decorating or icing ideas to inspire you. There are zillions of ideas and recipe options available on the internet and we have just picked a few to get you inspired:

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I baked chocolate cake (substitute a third of the flour in the vanilla cake mix with cocoa powder), and halfed the baking time or ordinary cupcakes. This will however be checked depending on the size of the cone. I used flat cones to cheat a bit, and made them stand in a muffin tin. You have to work with care to ensure they do not tumble over – which happend when I removed the tin from the oven!


Depending on how you’d like to decorate the cake, fill the cone to the top for a round shaped top, or fill a third of the cone for a flat top. When using a vanilla cake mix, add a tablespoon or two of multi-colored vermicelli to add a bit of color excitement. Instead of icing the top, dip the cones in melted chocolate, nuts with a cherry on top for a chocolate sundae replica!


I used the same cupcake recipe as published previously on lovilee, view it here.

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