Catherine & Troy (Zulu Nyala Game Lodge)

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Couple: Catherine & Troy
Wedding date: 19 May 2012
Venue: Zulu Nyala Game Lodge
Photography: Adrian Shields Photography & Design

The following wedding was photographed by Adrian Shields, who asked the bride, Catherine to share with us some bits & bobs behind the special day:

How did you guys meet and how did Troy propose?
We met many years ago at Splashy fen music festival, we were both about 18 and were sharing a campsite with mutual friends, let say sparks didn’t fly in the right direction at that point but many wiser years later whilst travelling through Europe I decided to stay with a school friend for a few days in London. It turned out she lived in a house share with the same old friends from Splashy- Troy included and the rest is history.

Troy proposed to me at a very special place in the midlands, with lots of family history – Mbona hill- he had packed a picnic with all my favorites. Its was perfect, even when we discovered the two mothers spying on us with binoculars from the bottom of the hill…

What made you choose SA for your wedding?
Both Troy and I were born in SA and spent our childhoods family holidays experiencing the beauty of SA through wildlife. Although we live in London now SA will always be our home and you just can’t shake that love for raw African nature and that’s why we both knew this was a memory that had to be create there.

What inspired the offbeat style of your wedding?
I have always been a great lover of 50’s style and I wanted a touch of this in my wedding but also wanted the African style so we thought why not combine the rustic set of a South African game reserve with the glamour of the 50’s.

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