Five Lovilee concepts for re-purposing old furniture

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Just because your old furniture is tagged as “old,” it does not necessarily entail that it’s already of no use. By means of these five wonderful concepts, you can discover how you can give your furniture a second chance at being functional.

  • From Sewing to Writing

    Instead of purchasing expensive writing tables with very minimal style, why not experiment with a dysfunctional sewing machine table and turn it into a vintage but trendy writing table?

    Take for instance this old sewing table. When it was first found, the machinery was missing, thereby creating a hole right at the middle. The desktop was then replaced with a wooden panel. The tread wheel, supposedly found at the bottom right side, was replaced by a set of small drawers.

    To add more twist, the designer painted it with earth colors, together with a robin perched on a tree branch.

  • From Bottle Caps to a Chandelier

    Remember those translucent bottle caps of your vitamins or even those of water bottles? As shown in these images, those items were recycled to create an exceptional chandelier for the owner. It may not be as elegant as Swarovski crystals, but this chandelier will surely catch the attention of your guests. Keep in mind, however, that you should use low-energy light bulbs for this design to inhibit heating or melting.

  • From a Crate to a Pet’s Bed

    Usually, the next destination for your crates is the attic to be used as storage for old items. But in this example, four stool legs were attached at the bottom of the crate to elevate it and transform it into a pet’s bed. You have the option of adding pillows and used blankets to complete its purpose.

    If you don’t have pets, however, you can still use this as a plant bed or another storage space for your room.

  • From Ladders to Shelves

    Melissa Michaels saw the potential of this ladder as a reliable storage for books and figurines. To make it more eye-pleasing, she painted it in aquamarine which complemented the minimal design of the white frames on the adjacent wall.

  • From Antique to Funky

    Repurposing your old furniture does not have to be a total overhaul. You can simply restore it and add a different style to it. Take for instance this bedside table. The dark antique woodwork was now masked with a silver paint to create a vintage effect that is still trendy and funky.
  • From the Bedroom to the Living Room

    If it hasn’t dawned to you yet, you are looking at a bed frame that was converted into a large message board. This idea came from Donna of Funky Junk Interiors. Instead of throwing away the bed frame, she cleaned the iron wiring and varnished the wood for a vintage effect.

    It is not only for aesthetic purposes as it is also functional. With this large board, bags, letters and mail can be kept in one place instead of being cluttered everywhere.

  • So do any of these concepts inspire you to repurpose your old furniture? Share your ideas to your fellow readers through your comment below.

    Article & Images courtesy of: Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about patio and outdoor furniture. She also writes for Amerisleep, a distributor of discounted memory foam mattress.

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