How to build a lovilee vertical herb garden

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If you’re living in an apartment with no garden (or even a small section of garden), then this little DIY job is just for you. It’s also perfect if you have cats who like to rummage in the garden. Autumn is also the best time to plant, so now is the time to start planning your little garden!


What you will need:

  • Hanging pocket shoe organiser (available from Dischem/Clicks/Woolies)
  • Pole and attachments (curtain pole from Builders Warehouse will work)
  • Strong metal hanging hooks
  • Compost of a good quality moisture holding type
  • Selection of plants or seeds… e.g. mixed leaf salad, herbs, sorrel, peas, mini tomatoes
  • Pieces of wood as long as the width of the pocket store to keep the base of pockets away from the wall.
  • Trough planter to catch drips


We have provided the steps below, but suggest that you visit for step-by-step pictures and instructions.


Step 1:
Attached a strong pole with metal fittings to where you want to hang your garden. Check the height, because the especially if you want to plant and grow plants in the trough below.


Step 2:
Use strong hooks or to attach the shoe organiser. It needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the compost, plants and water.


Step 3:
Test the drainage by pouring water into the pockets. If they don’t drain then make a few small holes in each of the pockets. Drainage is very important for the trough below too!


Step 4:
Add a good moisture retaining compost to the pockets (not too full because you dont want water to pour over the rim)


Step 5:
Sow seeds or add seedlings such as thyme, chives, spinach, tomatoes.


Step 6:
Use a piece of wood to make sure the excess water drips into the trough below.


And voila! You have yourself a vertical garden!


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