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I recently visited the In Good Company store in Parkhurst and saw an interesting business card to add to my collection. Yes, I am a self-confessed pencil and business card collector. I visited the website and was amazed with what I saw… I just had to get in contact with the creative behind Nina Say Cheese, so here with more on my discovery.

The magic behind the Cheese…
Nina Say Cheese portraits aim to capture less posed shots and more spontaneous moments that really bring to life your child’s delightful character. Portraits are taken against beautiful bespoke sets. Children are professionally styled and wear specially sourced items that match the themed world in which they will be captured. Children are then encouraged to completely lose themselves in make-believe and shots are taken almost without their knowing. A fun and exciting experience for both mom and bunny.

Who is Nina and why the Cheese?
Nina Grace is Vanessa’s (the creative owner) precious bunny, who inspired this world of fun and pretty pictures. She loves nice and warm tea, Shaun the sheep, playing hide and seek; painting and running around with Jack her dog. Nina Say Cheese started when Nina was born in 2009. “I wanted to photograph her every move- which resulted in me wanting to created little sets to dress her up and photograph her in, so we launched late 2011.”

About Vanessa
I have a three year National Diploma in Photography have been freelancing for various magazines since 2001, specializing in food, decor and travel.

Where is your studio situated?
The studio is situated in Fourways, Johannesburg and there are four themes to choose from:

  • Forest – Perfect for both boys and girls
  • Pilot – Perfect for boys
  • Tea Party – Perfect for girls
  • Circus – Perfect for both boys and girls

What would you say is the age-appropriate size for kids to be for your photography?
Ideally ages 1 to 6 years, as we have a wardrobe that fits these ages. We also advise parents to bring the kiddies after their nap times, should they nap in the day time.

Here with sneak peak of other work that Vanessa does:

For more information or packages visit: or email Vanessa at

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