Little Explorer Photo shoot

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Kiddie: Ruben Nieuwenhuizen
Age: 20 months
Shoot location: Piet Retief, Mpumalanga
Photographer: Loveshots Photography

Inspiration behind the shoot by Anné (Loveshots Photography, owner and photographer):
When I decided to pursue my dream of being a photographer full time, I spent a lot of time photographing my own son, Ruben, mainly because he was available 24/7 (and of course because to me is just so adorable). We moved to Piet Retief towards the end of 2010 and spent the better part of 2011 getting my studio up and running. While I enjoy the control and flexibility that a studio set-up offers, I absolutely love natural light and using outdoor settings as background for my shoots.

I was inspired to do this shoot by the inquisitive nature of my son (and I guess all boys). The backdrop for this shoot was an open field in front of our house and being early summer there was lots to do and see for him. I got my husband to follow him around making sure there were no imminent dangers and then I just snapped away his exploration session. I had the little dinosaur hat made especially for him, and it also made him stand out from the scenery a bit more. He picked flowers, found bugs, threw rocks, everything a little boy likes to do, and I just loved how the photos came out. Even though it’s one of my first outdoor/natural light shoots, it still is one of my favourites, and not necessarily because it was my own son! I love how children can be so natural while being photographed outside, and it really is a blessing to be able to do this on a full time basis now.

The beanie was made by Vanessa Raw from Bumblebee, she can be emailed on:

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