Malawi wedding (Melanie Janse Photography)

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Couple: Mark & Diana
Wedding date: 08.09.2012
Venue: Kamuzu Academy, Malawi
Photography: Melanie Janse Photography
Second Shooter: Jaco Janse Photography

Photographer Melanie Janse and her husband Jaco were fortunate enough to be invited to photograph a wedding in Malawi! Here with what Melanie had to say about the couple’s special day!

The ceremony was the first true Malawian wedding that we did. The couple got married at the Kamuzu Academy as Mark’s dad is the Head master of the school, Mr Cook. This is also where Mark and Diana met 9 years ago, and they shared their first kiss literally a hallway down where we took their couple photo’s. We were up at around 7:30am to start with the early morning preparations as the formal service was around 10:00am, then departed for a light lunch with their closest friends and family. After that we did a quick couple shoot, and then we were off to the mid day ceremony. People from across the community streamed in and a ritual called Pelicani was performed. This is when the people of the community give money to the couple (see the pictures, it was so awesome).

We had a 2 hour break between 5:00pm and 7:00pm when we got ready for the evening reception, complete with a cocktail hour. All their decor, glasses, plates, wine ext. were imported from the UK where they live. Diana, I don’t know how you did all of this, you, Mark, your parents and Mark’s parents surely made an impression. Oh, don’t let me forget to tell you about the food, their were TONS and TONS of food, Jaco and I had so much of the buffet and later these plates and plates of food just kept on arriving at our table. We checked around to see if they were just feeding us because they thought we were starving, but it was delivered at every single table.

What an amazing experience, amazing place, amazing friends and family and an amazing couple. What more could we asked for.

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