In anticipation of Emily-Rose Loock

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Date of Shoot: 08.09.2012
Shoot Location: Mentorskraal Wedding & Conference Venue, Jeffreysbay
Make-up Artist: Githe-Meret Muir
Photography: Erna Loock Photography, Jeffreysbay


More about Neil and Lee-Anne Loock (and soon to be Emily-Rose Loock):
Neil and Lee-Anne stayed in the same town since 1997 and went to the same high school and were both in Grade 12 in 2000. They were even in the same accounting class as there was only one in the grade. High school sweethearts you might ask… Not these two love birds. They only met 9 years later one evening when both of them went out with the same group of friends. An evening on which neither of them felt like going out… The quiet and shy library prefect remembered the rugby player a bit from school, but he could not remember her at all!

It was not long before they were totally in love and knew they were meant to be together. God’s timing was perfect with their “meeting” that evening.

After dating for about 1 year and 3 months, they got engaged and when they got married in 2011, it felt like they knew each other for ages! They wanted to start a family as soon as possible. Two months after their wedding, they found out that they were 5 weeks pregnant – only to experience a great loss a week later. This was a terrible experience, but in the end, and as always, God knows best and it was not in His plans at that moment.

Five months later they received the wonderful news that they are expecting again. They kept it quiet the first 12 weeks and only told family and very close friends. This time it was in God’s plans… They are so excited to meet their little princess in October. It’s almost time for the arrival of their baby girl Emily-Rose… their gift from above.

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