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With every expense being budgeted for, a wedding can be a very pricey affair. The wedding favors are therefore often overlooked, but need not be if you plan in advance and are willing to do it yourself. Here are a couple of ideas to get you inspired!


1. Perfect Match

Fill a small glass bottle (art stores usually have an assortment of sizes) with matches and add a label to match your perfect day. (source)


2. Sow the love

Fill an envelope with flower cut outs of seeded paper. Make your own handmade paper and add seeds in the making process. Alternatively, purchase ready made seeded paper from Growing Paper . (source)


3. Candy or sweet boxes

Place your favourite candy or biscuits in a ready made, clear plastic box and add a sweet message.(source)


Visit the Beau-coup favor ideas gallery for more inspiration, alternatively Martha Stewart Weddings also have DIY favor ideas, like this lollipop tree:


The full instructions of how to make the cone tree can be found here.


May you be inspired to make your own favors with that special personal touch that only you can add!


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