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I have the habit of having to visit stores and websites I see advertised on people’s cars on-line right away. I was impressed with the following concept. is a unique site that provides brides with all kinds of service provider quote estimates for their big day with the click of just a few buttons. There are also some wedding organising tips on the site.

The person behind the site
Wedding photographer by day and on-line entrepreneur by night, Danielle Pretorius, British(!) is the brains behind the site. The idea for the site was born 5 years ago, whilst she was planning her own wedding. She found that service providers only on the rare occasion shared their pricing information on their websites. Whilst liking browsing magazines and sites, she found the process of mailing each one for a price list cumbersome.

Danielle decided to create a site to assist brides in finding service providers, firstly within their budget and from there a bride could see what the provider has to offer. As a photographer herself, her pricelist is on her own website for anyone to see.


How does the website work?
You will first have to register as a bride on the site and complete as much as information as possible to get more accurate quotes. In all cases you will be able to select a category and a budget. The vendors within your budget will then appear. There is a very nice video tutorial available to assist here.

How many suppliers have you got on board?
Currently there are close to 80 suppliers in various catagories and price ranges, growing daily.


So visit or Danielle’s photography portfolio.

Photos by Danielle Pretorius

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