We are loving local rug designers Smir Design‘s African-inspired fine area rugs. All their synthetic rugs are hand-woven in Johannesburg and finished by hand, unique pieces for people looking at adding some lovilee to their homes. Owner, Sanmari has always had a liking for rugs, especially Persian rugs. Whilst interning at a firm she stumbled across a website where artists/designers could submit their designs/illustrations.

The option of purchasing someone’s art as a printed rug was rather exciting. She browsed through ALL the designs available, but didn’t like any of them. She couldn’t be the only one looking for a well-designed rug, made from practical materials and that didn’t break the bank? She decided then that she would start designing her own rugs and currently has two types of rugs available for purchase:

1. Synthetic Rugs
Made in South Africa from 100% polyester, our synthetic rugs come complete with an anti-slip rubber dot backing. They are UV resistant and mildew resistant, as well as being superior to other synthetic rugs thanks to their insulating properties in the presence of dampness. Best of all is that these rugs, which are practical for both kids and pets, come at an affordable price. View the range here.

Loving local rug designs by Smir Design
Loving local rug designs by Smir Design

2. Woolen Rugs
We also stock a few wool rugs that we imported from India for the rug-lover looking for something more luxurious. Wool rugs are pricey, but is always good value for money. They offer the ultimate luxury underfoot and makes any living space look like a million dollars. The rugs in this collection consist of a neutral colour palette with minimalist tribal patterns, and are well suited for areas with significant foot traffic. View the range here. (see the thumbnail image of one of the rugs stocked by SHF, taken by www.monoshop.co.za)


Our design style can be described as eclectic, vintage and proudly African. We aim to bring well designed rugs to the consumer, and in so doing to empower individuals to create aesthetically pleasing spaces in their homes that are both practical & comfortable, and most importantly don’t break the bank.

Loving local rug designs by Smir Design
Loving local rug designs by Smir Design

Tell us more about the manufacturing process

  1. I design and draw the pattern of each rug.
  2. The design then gets sent to a loom Johannesburg and is then taken to a laminator in Wynberg.
  3. I get the rough product back, where after Glynie and myself sew the webbing onto the rough rug to give it a neat finishing.
  4. I have no training regarding sewing machines and textiles, everything I know I had to learn through trial and error. The long term goal of Smir Design is to employ African women that can be taught the various skills of sewing. In so doing, they will have the necessary skills to start a small business on the side line as well as a tailor.

Loving local rug designs by Smir Design

Where can lovilees get their hands on your products?
We are proud to say that @home as well as SHF stock some of our products. You can however get your hands on these beauties by purchasing directly from our on-line store here.

Do you have any exciting news to share?
In addition to the current designs we have, three new designs will be launched in 2017!

Contact Details
Website: www.smirdesign.co.za
Facebook: Smir Design
Pinterest: Smir Design
Instagram: @smirdesign

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Karen Kelly is the founder and editor of lovilee.co.za. KaRi is also owner and creative director of weddinghangers.co.za. Learn more about her here and connect with her on social media on the links below.

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