Although we do not feature fashion on Lovilee as such, the contemporary designed wooden accessories this lovilee lady makes and sells are perfect accessories for the bridal party. From brooches to earrings to necklaces their items are lovilee.

Q: Tell us more about yourself and how Wooden Lace started?
My love for clothes, art and pretty things started from the little age of six years when my mom bought me my first sewing machine. I come from a creative background, I think there isn’t anything my mom and dad CAN NOT do or make. I have always known I wanted to be a fashion designer and my parents supported my decision when they sent me to Tshwane University of Technology after I matriculated.

Last year I traded Pretoria for Johannesburg and must say, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always had a thing for wood and last December I bought this amazing tree branch ring which sparked the idea. I started to play around with ideas and my mom introduced me to a great factory that helps me produce my whole range. People often ask why Wood and LACE for a name. Wood for the obvious reasons and the word Lace just give Wooden Lace that vintage, girly, old school feel. That’s what my jewelry is all about.

Q: What products and / or services do you provide?
Wooden Lace combines sophisticated modern design with functionality and strives to make it accessible for a broad target group. My creations are intended to bring joy to people and beautify their everyday lives, yet remain affordable at the same time. Nothing more, nothing less. Exceptional design takes into account people’s needs and sets new standards. This often means exploring new paths – as well as paths that cross with other paths. At these intersections you meet people with similarly high expectations in terms of design and quality. This is how crossover in design comes about in my work. It is an exchange, a mixture of different kinds of things and people that inspire me. I also do custom made designs, from wedding brooches to specially designed jewellery as gifts.

Q: Do you have any products for brides?
For all Brides to be, have a look at my Wedding bells range, it is custom made brooches for the whole entourage-from mother of the bride, bridesmaids, Best man etc. I have a selection of designs that you choose from and I do your choice of engraving on it whether it is names, quotes, pictures; basically ANYTHING!! I have a special catalogue for this, please email me at and I will send it through.

What keeps you inspired?
I would never have thought that this “little” business would take off with such a big bang, in these 4 months I met the most amazing clients and stores across the country and I am forever grateful!! And did I mention Wooden Lace has been on TV? One of the highlights was a client sending me an e-mail one Friday afternoon saying thank you for her parcel that she received in the post and for giving her something to smile about as her dad passed away that same day. This isn’t just a business; I can touch and change people’s life’s positively every day.

Model: Courney van der Walt | For: Rozanne & Pushkin | Images: Ulricke Laubscher

Tell us more about your products and how they get made
I like to bring out a new range every 6-8 weeks. Being the only woman in this one-man-band it involves a lot of planning. I start with a storyboard with ideas that inspires me and from there I do my designs. It is then designed “over” on a computer design program and then I start with samples. I make sure the sizing is the way I want; logo’s and engraving are correct etc.

If I am satisfied with the end product I start manufacturing in bulk. I put all the pieces like necklaces, brooches, earrings and rings together, take photographs to update the catalog, and then Packaging begins. The 10 stores that I supply to are always up to date with my latest designs. It’s a creative process and not one day is the same. I never get tired or unmotivated. It feels great to truly live out my passion and hope I can beautify people’s lives with these precious little gems!!

Model: Courney van der Walt | For: Rozanne & Pushkin | Images: Ulricke Laubscher

This spring season, look for the following trends:

  • Solid wood covers for mobile devices: Forget about vinyl skins or plastic covers. The hottest trend for mobile devices is the wooden mobile phone cover.
  • Wood sunglasses in Classic styles: The new “IN” sunglasses are made with wood frames, not cheap plastics. Look out for brands like Hout Couture locally.
  • Wood jewellery: It immediately makes a statement and completes a whole look. It is fresh and different than your ordinary jewellery.

To get in touch or purchase
Contact number: 081 566 1078
Facebook: Wooden Lace
Twitter: @wooden_lace

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