I decided to share with you lovilees some of my favourite and unique wedding poses. The feet, headless and show of heart kinds. What am I on about? Well, hopefully the following boards will give you some clarity and inspire you to do something, well different for your special day.

The feet:
I just looove feet, not just for a wedding, but for any kind of shoot. I always add this to my must-have list for any kinda shoot with people as subjects. Guess whose feet are visible in nr’s 3 & 7 below?

Feet Wedding poses

Image credits:1. Anneli Young Photography, 2. Isabel Jordaan Photography, 3. Melanie Wessels Photography, 4. Expressions Photography by Andre & Selma, 5. Expressions Photography by Andre & Selma, 6. Expressions Photography by Andre & Selma, 7. Marinda May Photography, 8. Expressions Photography by Andre & Selma, 9. Yolande Snyders Photography, 10. Yolande Snyders Photography.

The Headless:
For lack of a better description I have called the following images “headless images”. Historically these images would’ve been labelled as ‘flops’ and been thrown in the bin, but recent times have shown these to be very popular and favoured at weddings. You obviously would not want all your images ‘headless’ but one or two make for stylish additions.

Headless wedding poses

Image credits:1. Jaco Viljoen Photography, 2. Picture Me&U, 3. Expressions Photography by Andre & Selma, 4. Expressions Photography by Andre & Selma, 5. Picture Me&U, 6. IZ Labuschagne Photography, 7. Jaco Viljoen Photography, 8. Yolande Snyders Photography, 9. Picture Me&U.

The Show of Hearts:
I just adore the way that hand hearts and hearts in other ways were incorporated into some of the images below…


Image credits:1. Real Simple Photography, 2. Field Photography, 3. Alexander Smith Photography, 4. Isabel Jordaan Photography, 5. Field Photography, 6. Anneli Young Photography.

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