I am all about patterned tiles at the moment, but did you realise that tile patterns is something totally different? Patterned tiles are actual tiles with prints or patterns on, like the caustic cement Moroccan tiles that I used in my bathroom renovation.

Tiling patterns however is using mostly plain colored tiles, or some without a definitive print pattern and tiling them in such a way that they actually make a pattern. It can however also be defined by the actual shape of the tile itself. These tile patterns can be accentuated by making use of a contrasting color grout. e.g. using a dove grey grout with white tiles or a white grout finish with darker tiles.

tile patterns

5 tile patterns that I love

1. Herringbone tile patterns
I was thinking how best to explain this pattern, but had to rely on Wikipedia for this one ‘The herringbone pattern is an arrangement of rectangles used for floor tiling and road pavement, so named for a fancied resemblance to the bones of a fish such as a herring. The blocks can be rectangles or parallelograms.’ This tiling pattern looks amazing combined with a long rectangular marble-look tile. (image source)

Nina Jizhar Interiors - herringbone tile patterns

2. Hexagon tile patterns
This is a tile pattern defined by the tiles themselves. The actual tiles are cut in small hexagon squares and creates a ‘bee-hive’ type look. It is very popular making use of these tile mosaics in showers or for kitchen back-splashes these days. I just love the dark grout look with white tiles to accentuate the patterns and define this look.

hexagon mosaic tile patterns

3. Brick tile patterns
This type of tiling is also called ‘offset’ tiling, you offset the tiles against each other to mimic a brick wall, half the tile overlapping the other half of the tile. This pattern works best with either square or rectangular shaped tiles. Melissa Louise recently did a revamp on a house that can be viewed here where she made use of this tiling pattern in the bathroom.

Studio Melissa Louise bathroom reno

4. Mini grid tile pattern
This tile pattern is made up by arranging square tiles in rows and columns to create a grid. I refer to this tile pattern as ‘old school’. It literally NEVER goes out of fashion! Melissa Louise also did an amazing job of her kitchen that she recently revamped. See her tiles and the full make-over here.

Studio Melissa Louise kitchen make-over

5. Grid horisontal tile pattern
This tile pattern is made up by arranging rectangular (rather than square) tiles in rows and columns to create a grid-like pattern. Image from Shutterstock.

Modern kitchen with grid like tile pattern

Talking about tiles and home decoration, have you seen the new plexiTILES from Photoblox? I am totally in love with them and considering using some as a black splash when we renovate our kitchen. What i love about them is off-course their colours and prints and that they are apparently re-useable Have a look at the full range (you can also get ones custom made) here.

Photoblox PlexiTILES

Thumbnail image credit: Shutterstock

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