Jo Malone London recenty released their English Oak fragrance collection and spoilt me with some samples to test out. I started using the ‘Sea Salt’ cologne after being introduced to the brand earlier this year, but I think that I might consider a fragrance mix with the new English Oak & Redcurrant cologne. It is totally pretty (can one say that about a fragrance?!)

I wrote an earlier article on Jo Malone’s fragrance combining and the pamper consult that I had at their Melrose Arch store. The idea with all of their fragrances is to supply you with some key notes that you can combine with each other to create your own unique fragrances.

English Oak fragrance Collection by Jo Malone London

The English Oak collection was born through a working collaboration between VP of Global Fragrance Development, Celine Roux and Master Perfumer, Yann Vasnier. The journey started three years ago with the English Oak & Hazelnut cologne. Even though Oak existed as ingredient an exclusive variant of the wood – Roasted Oak Absolute was created. A beautifully rich, smoky feel that adds real depth to a fragrance.

English Oak fragrance Collection by Jo Malone London

Inspiration behind the English Oak fragrance collection

The inspiration started with the English Oak tree. A powerful and noble symbol, which lies deep in the heart of the English woodland. A place of mystery and enchantment, where legends take root and imagination takes flight.

To unlock the rich and noble properties of the Oak wood they opted for a process, exclusive to Jo Malone London for five years, in which washed wood chips are roasted at high temperatures, yielding up a rich, deep and smoky-sweet absolute; creating a warm and enveloping base was used.

Oak has a fairy-tale like quality, which perfectly captures the Magic of the English forest. Its twisting roots and branches, dating back hundreds of years, are filled with ancient tales and stories.

English Oak fragrance Collection by Jo Malone London

Fragrances of the English Oak collection

The collection is made up by two fragrances with similar structures and elements, but each one pushes and highlights certain ingredients. English Oak & Hazelnut uses green hazelnut, which is unique and creates a greener, more aromatic feel with a spicy spin. Its moss notes also help to reinforce the natural scent of the forest. English Oak & Redcurrant is much warmer and rounder with rose, amber and white musk.

English Oak fragrance Collection by Jo Malone London
berries and nuts

Become part of the English Oak Enchantment

Jo Malone has cleverly added an interactive and fun app to their website where you can carve your initials or an echanted message into an Oak tree and share it with a friend. Try it!

My English Oak carving by Jo Malone London

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post according to my disclaimers and disclosures, but as always my honest opinion.

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