Alexia Klompje is the creative behind Klomp Ceramics, a collection of local handmade ceramics that tell a story. I was totally overwhelmed at reading this incredible ladies’ journey and am so glad that I get to share this. Her goods are incredibly pretty and her Instagram feed has got me swooning over every item. ‘The collection’ has to be my favourite with the almost marble looking ceramics – totally on trend! I chatted to this South African creator, designer and stylist – Alexia.

‘I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2012 which upon removal left me unable to move the right side of my body. The recovery was slow and as a creative person I needed something creative to do while I healed. Unsure of what that was, I had a dream one night and in it this voice told me I needed to start working with clay. That was it. Playing with clay allowed me to express myself, tell my story and heal. And Klomp Ceramics was born.’

Where did your love for ceramics start?
I absolutely loved doing pottery classes at school when I was younger and I remember the joy of painting ceramics as a child. Ceramics has always been something I’ve done on and off throughout my life. I literally started Klomp Ceramics with a couple of bags of clay in the spare bedroom of my apartment.

Tell us more about the ranges that you have
I launch a new range every 4-6 months or so and currently have a few launching at a time. “The Collection” is a range that reflects my current mood and inspiration – I really play and have fun with this collection. “The Everyday Range” is a range that is both simply stylish and fully functional for everyday use.

All Klomp Ceramics are handmade and glazed in a little studio in Cape Town using food safe glazes. Each piece is made by hand with an individual organic quality and character. No two pieces are identical and colour may vary but is adds to the uniqueness of each item.

Klomp Ceramics 'Every Day range' dinner set
Klomp Ceramics 'Every day range' white bowl
Klomp Ceramics 'Everyday range' dinner set

Do you have any advice for creatives looking at starting a business?
Following your creativity is the best but it does require dedication, tenacity and a good dose of courage.

Putting yourself out there creatively is scary enough. Putting yourself out there creatively and hoping to earn a living off it is just terrifying.

I’ve learnt that there’s a middle line between boldly creating and taking into consideration the business side of things, your market, what you ultimately want to achieve, earning a living. I think if you can walk that middle line and be open to learning along the way, picking yourself up if you fall, steering yourself back onto that middle path if you stray, you will succeed.

Where can lovilees purchase your products?
There is a list of stockists on my website in this link but I also have a local and an international online store where you can purchase from directly. There is also the option to stock my products as wholesale items.

Klomp Ceramics 'The Collection' Large and small plate
Klomp Ceramics 'The collection' Medium bowl
Klomp Ceramics 'The Collection' Small bowls

Contact details
Facebook: Klomp Ceramics
Instagram: @KlompCeramics
Twitter: @KlompCeramics

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