LG recently introduced their new NeoChef™ microwave oven with Smart Inverter – Convection Oven and sent me one for review. I have had my LG microwave and grill combo for just over 12 years and have loved every bit of it. This new microwave uses the latest technology and even has the functionality to dry fruit and make yogurt (recipes in the owners manual)!

LG microwave oven review on the new LG NeoChef™

What is a microwave convection oven?

This appliance is literally a convection oven paired with a microwave. A microwave cooks food using microwaves and a convection oven again cooks by circulated hot air. Having the combination allows you to cook faster and more efficiently. A microwave for instance heats water and molecules in the food by using microwave radiation but cannot brown or bake. A convection oven on the other hand cooks more evenly than an oven as it makes use of a fan to circulate the air. With the LG NeoChef™ you can either use a combination of the two to cook or use them as stand alone cooking methods by just selecting the options.

What you will receive in the box of your LG Microwave NeoChef™ convection oven

  • Your LG microwave convection oven
  • The shaft that is needed to rotate the plate
  • A glass tray
  • A rotating ring in an interesting new hexagonal design
  • High rack used for cooking and baking
  • Low rack used for cooking and baking
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty card

Product specifications of the 39L NeoChef™ microwave oven with Smart Inverter – Convection Oven

  • The specific model comes in two colour options, a matt black and a silver stainless steel. (I have the matt black option and it is totally pretty!)
  • The appliance itself is 540mm x 523mm x 325mm in size weighing 15.3kg. The turntable inside the ovens’ size is 360mm in diameter.
  • A special Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ interior coating makes cleaning simple and convenient. Just a few wipes are all it takes to clean the microwave interior. The coating eliminates 99.99 percent* of harmful bacteria from the surface.
  • The hexagonal ring stabilises the turntable with six support points, which helps prevent off-centre items from tipping and spilling during cooking.
  • The Inverter technology in the LG NeoChef™ enables more precise temperature control to help defrost foods and avoid overcooked and unthawed areas. It also enables more accurate temperature control.
  • The interior white LED lamp on the NeoChef™ oven is three times brighter and more energy efficient than the incandescent light on other LG microwave ovens, letting you easily check on the contents of the microwave without having to open the door.
  • The convection oven has a temperature range of 40-200 degrees celcius.
  • The appliance comes with a 24 month manufacturers warranty, but the magnatron part itself with a 10 year warranty* (T&C’s apply)

LG microwave oven review on the new LG NeoChef™

My review on the 39L NeoChef™ Black LG Microwave with Smart Inverter – Convection Oven

The first thing we cooked in this new microwave was off-course pizza (Manny wanted to try it first) and my word, it was perfect. Traditionally microwaves even the ones with grills either leaves pizza soggy or dead. This was perfect, the crust even a little crispy. I guess I won’t need my pizza ceramic baking board anymore…

Plus points

  • Easily accessible – I like that the oven opens with a pull down door as opposed to a more traditional sideways one. I always seem to have had to move things out of the way opening it sideways but there is no space on the counter to put things in front of the microwave. This also makes it more difficult for little people (like the ones in my house) to open, which is a great advantage from a safety point of view in my opinion.
  • Optional digital clock display – This might not sound like a biggy, but I hate it when the power goes out and the clock is set on the wrong time on digital devices. This microwave gives you the option to deactivate the display of the clock. (this also automatically enables energy saving mode where the display will turn off completely when not in use) – BONUS
  • The pre-programmed shortcut menu is located on the inside of the microwave, no need to go look for the booklet to figure them out. And… it has a pre-programmed setting for cous-cous!!!
  • Easy cleaning. As mentioned in the product specifications, this oven is super easy to clean. Just wipe and – done… Big mess = very little fuss

Plus minus points

  • I found that using this oven for the first time was not that easy. There is a quick start button that can get you started on normal microwaving at 30 second intervals. But I would definitely advise to start off with reading the booklet before you have a go and keeping it close by till you have gone through all the functions.
  • The Child lock only disables the actual use of the microwave, important to note that it does NOT lock the actual door from being opened.
  • The tempered glass shows fingermarks on use, but is fortuanately easy to wipe. And it totally makes this microwave look pretty, so it is a little price to pay for great style.

One last crazy awesome feature of this Microwave is the use of Smart Diagnosis™. You will see the symbol for this on the digital display. If anything ever does go wrong, you simply call your service centre, active the function following some simple instructions and hold your mobile phone to the symbol. It will transmit all diagnostic info for analysing over the phone!

LG microwave oven review on the new LG NeoChef™

If you are interested in looking or purchasing a NeoChef™ LG Microwave read more about it here. You can view the full list of suppliers for this LG NeoChef™ Microwave on the LG website.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post according to my disclaimers and disclosures, but as always my honest opinion.

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