This month we are all about typography and to start of the journey I share some of my favourite free fonts with you. I really enjoy playing around with different fonts on my pc whether it is to make an Instagram image or an invitation or simply a birthday card. Even though I am not a professional when it comes to these things, I still like doing them.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite finds when it comes to free fonts and some more bits and bobs of what I now know about typography.

What is typography?

Typography is the art / technique of arranging type (what a font is made of e.g. the letters and/or symbols) to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed. (Wikipedia)
It is basically the use and matching of various fonts together to create something lovilee to look at and also make it easy to read. It can involve the spacing (kerning) between letters, line heights, coloring of the words or individual letters, combination or simply the capitalisation of various fonts.

What are the different types of typography?

According to there are four main font types, namely Serif, Sans Serif, Script and Decorative.

  • Serif fonts – These are fonts with ‘Feet’ or additional lines in addition to the main lines. The easiest way for me to remember this is to look at the ‘Times New Roman’ font.
  • Sans Serif fonts – these are the fonts with no ‘feet’ attached the ‘clean’ looking ones like ‘Arial’ for instance. They are easily readable and are mostly used for body text on websites or books etc.
  • Script fonts – include the likes of Calligraphy and Handwritten fonts. These fonts are traditionally drawn by hand using either a pencil, felt marker or a brush. They are very popular these days for use in logo design and wedding invitations.
  • Decorative fonts – Fonts which are very ornate, they generally only get used to highlight text for example on signage or as headers.

My favourite typography fonts

Download the free fonts in the links below to start your typography journey

*Note that even though they are free they might only be free for personal use, so please check each fonts’ license or disclaimer for more details.

  1. Bromello – download from
  2. Happy Camper – download from
  3. Lillybelle – download from
  4. Luna – download from
  5. Naive Sans – download from
  6. Shorelines Script Bold – download from
  7. Viola – download from
  8. English Essay – download from
  9. Underwood Champion – download from
  10. Vanity – download from
  11. Waltograph – download from
  12. Winter Calligraphy – download from

How to install a font to your pc?

Download each font and unzip them if need be. Simply open the font folder and double click on the font to install, or right click on the font and select the install option (for Windows)

What is a font license?

Fonts and how they can be used are determined by the creators or designers of a specific font. They may choose to give you free access to the font for both personal and commercial use (making money off products that you use the font in) or they may choose to give you free use for personal purposes and then let you purchase commercial rights for the font. It is ALWAYS important to check how you may use certain fonts. Read more about font licenses here.

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Do you have any favourite free fonts that you use or fancy?! Please share some in the comments below!

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