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Thank you for visiting my blog, here with some more information on and myself, Karen Kelly, the owner and creative behind the blog.

Lovilee is owned and managed by myself, KaRen Kelly, who launched the brand in 2010. I am personally involved in the curating, writing and editing of each article. The brands and products featured on lovilee are expertly curated to fit the aesthetics of the blog and what I have discovered will be a good fit for our readers and give the brands best ROI. (Read more about myself and the blog here)

I am always keen to collaborate with lovilee brands to engage readers in creative and inspiring ways, to create unique and beautiful content and ideas that share noteworthy products and services. If your like what you see on lovilee and think that your brand will possibly be a great fit, why not get in touch? Some of the brands that I have worked with include Weylandts, @home, ISCA and Gumtree.

Below are some examples of the work that I have done, but why don’t you sign up to receive the articles via email that you can see more of what I do as and when it happens? (Type in your email address in below and click enter)

My aim is to create unique and lovilee content for brands

Herewith some of the options I have on offer below, these are just guideline rates and examples of work I have done for brands before. Should you want to find out more or discuss possible options for your brand or products you can email submissions[at] If you are a small or start-up business pop me a mail so that we can discuss possible options for your business within your budget.

Featured posts / Reviews

I carefully align myself with brands and businesses who we feel match the profile of my blog readers, to provide them with content that is relevant and inspiring. Curating the content also ensures adequate exposure for the brands themselves ensuring best ROI. All concepts, products and associated images are subject to approval prior to publication.

A custom written article/review on, SEO optimised with at least 300 words.
At least 1 post on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
4-6 images that you can use on your own social media pages.

From ZAR 4500 per post, excl the products.

Examples: Dezign a door | Metacraft giveaway


Whether it is a craft product or home decoration project we could make your brand look pretty. I only feature brands that I have tried and disclose all of the sponsorship in the posts. This process takes 2 – 4 weeks before posting.

A custom written DIY article on, SEO optimised with at least 300 words.
At least 1 post on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
4-6 images that you can also share on social.

From ZAR 4500 per post, excl the products/costs required to complete the DIY.

Examples: Patio revamp with Prominent Paints | Gumtree Upcycle challenge | DIY rainbow cushion for T & Co Fabrics.

Some of the work I do for brands in terms of content generation also gets featured on their websites and blogs see this On Trend Faux greenery wall art that I did for ISCA.

Social Media / Facebook / Instagram

I have and still work hard on making my Instagram and other social media platforms inspirational and worth following. Images posted on these platforms are taken mostly by myself so get in contact if this is something that you’d like to collaborate on.

Posts and pictures on my social media channels only, with no blog post on Captions will be written by myself based on my experience with the product (I don’t promote products I have not tried)

The option to add a link to the post (I make use of a paid-for plugin that enables me to do this called


  • Instagram post (up to 2 images in carousel + caption shared in a single scroll) ZAR 2000/post THE SAME post can be shared on Facebook at no extra cost (optional)
  • Facebook giveaway (up to 2 images in carousel + caption) ZAR 1500/post
  • Instagram giveaway (up to 2 images in carousel + caption shared in a single scroll) ZAR 1500/post
  • Instagram video (1 image + 1 video between 5 and 55 seconds in carousel + caption) ZAR 2000/post THE SAME post can be shared on Facebook at no extra cost (optional)
  • IGTV (1 image + 1 video between 2 and 3 minutes slightly edited in carousel + caption) ZAR 2500/post THE SAME post can be shared on Facebook at no extra cost (optional)

Instagram Stories / Instagram Videos / IGTV

Having reached the 10k follower milestone on Instagram this allows me to add swipe up links to the stories that I post that can be supplied by a client should they wish for me to add it to the post.

Note that all stories will be tagged as sponsored and exclude Instagram posts or videos.


  • Once off Instagram story (up to 3 images + caption) ZAR 900
  • Instagram story + highlight for 1 month ZAR 1500

Optional Extras

  • Ads Manager – for a much more targeted campaign – minimum spend for ads is ZAR 250 per week.
  • Professional Photography – quote is dependent on the number of images required / products to be photographed. Images are expertly styled by myself.

Banner ads

Banner adverts are available in small, medium and large sizes and are displayed in the right sidebar of the blog on ALL of the blog pages. The Premium header advert is located at the top of the blog. Adverts are designed by the client (we can design at an additional fee) and need to be approved to fit the lovilee brand beforehand.

  • Premium header advert 728 x 90px – R500 per 2 week period
  • Small 150 x 150px – ZAR 600 for 3 months
  • Medium 300 x 130px – ZAR 900 for 3 months
  • Large 300 x 260px – ZAR 1200 for 3 months

Attending events

As a rule I do not attend events as I do have a day job and after hours is family time. If I do attend a blog post will be at my own discretion and a blog post is not guaranteed. There are and have been some exceptions rule and might be a cost associated.

Interested in collaborating with me and creating some unique and lovilee content for your brand?

Email me at submissions[at] for detailed rates, website statistics and availability.

Should we decide that your article or brand is a good fit for Lovilee, we will contact you within 14 days of your submission date to let you know it has been selected to be featured. If you don’t hear anything from us within that time, please go ahead and submit your work elsewhere. We receive a large number of submissions and are not always able to respond personally to each email, even though we do consider and read them all.

NOTE: Lovilee does not post guest articles, press releases, infographics or any text ad links. Please DO NOT inquire about these options as they will not be accepted and I will not respond via email.

Topics that I do NOT cover on or promote in ANY way

  • Underwear or Nudity
  • Alcohol or Alcohol related products
  • Cannabis / CBD related products
  • Tobacco
  • Gambling or Gaming
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