Zoku is a very unique product – I think it should be the new buzz word for ice pops, fruit pops, yogurt pops or any other kind of frozen lolly!
I’ve wanted a Zoku Quick Pop™ Maker since I first saw it on Yuppiechef, but was a bit sceptical to be honest. They stated that this device was able to make ice pops in as little as seven minutes, on your kitchen top, without electricity!

Other than my own wedding, this has been the wedding I had most looked forward to to attend! And was it a great one! Not just because of the lovilee decor, the amazing food and good company, but because I truly know that this couple was meant to be. This was just the final step to unite this couples love as they set out on their life journey together. The focus was not just on the wedding day, but their marriage that awaited…

I am really excited to bring you this post as I have been working on it for a while to get everything together. I believe that what makes a wedding truly special is the details! From the start, inviting guests to attend or asking them to save the date for your special day, you create an anticipation of the day. So I have sources some really great ideas to inspire you and hopefully help you with your choice.

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