Looking for wedding or other celebration vendors to assist with your wedding a party or other kind of celebration? Do you have a little person in your life that you would like to spoil or dress as cute as a button? Or are you simply looking at spoiling yourself or someone with a lovilee gift? We have a lovilee directory filled with contacts for stationers, planners, photographers and on-line stores that can bring your dreams to life!

Décor Hire

Eats, Treats & Drinks

Gifts & Favours

Home decor, Interiors & Furniture

Hair, Beauty & Make-up


Kids Clothing, Interiors, Products & Toys

Music & Entertainment


Stationery & Stationery Design

Planners, Stylists & Flowers

Wedding Dresses & Accessories

Do you provide a product and/or service that is relevant to Lovilee and are looking to advertise or do a listing? Whether you’re an experienced on-line advertiser or just starting out, we are able to accommodate your needs and would LOVE to have you on board! Have a look at the various options we provide here.

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