Are you someone that loves making DIY Christmas decorations?! Then this DIY tutorial is something you will love. Christmas decorations does not have to be expensive and even if you do decide to purchase some, you can still compliment them by making some of your own Chrsitmas decorations. Spread some glittery Christmas cheer with this simple Christmas bunting (also known as a garland) DIY tutorial.

All will need for these DIY Christmas decorations are

  • String
  • coloured paper or cardboard of your choice, we used some gold glitter paper
  • a roll of clear cellotape
  • A ruler and pencil or pen to measure and draw out the shapes
  • Scissors or metal ruler and kraft knife

Step by Step instructions on how to make the bunting

  1. Cut the paper into any geometric shape of your choice – I prefer triangles as they are very much on trend at the moment

  2. Stick the paper or cardboard onto the string using the cellotape
  3. Stick a replica piece of cardboard on the reverse side so that it is double sided
  4. Hang your finished gardland on the door, the fireplace, from a shelf or any corner of your home that needs a little sparkle this festive season.

DIY Christmas bunting

If this tutorial has you excited for Christmas why not add a handmade wreath to your DIY christmas decorations for this year? Or I also shared a DIY on filled Christmas baubles.

All of the pretty images taken by Lauren Kim Photography.

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Lauren is the owner of Lauren Kim Photography based in Cape Town. She specialises in food and lifestyle photography. Connect with her on social media on the links below.

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