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Get Gardening ready with these 5 gardening necessities

Gardening is a wonderful way to calm the mind, watching the transformation of a seed grow into a flower. It is also a great way to be organic and thrifty when growing your own food. In my house, gardening is me time – I put down my phone, turn off the computer and spend some time outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight. As a child, my worst activity was going to the plant nursery but today it is my favourite place to go shopping – I love walking through the plants and having my senses enlightened with smells and sights everywhere you look.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow – Audrey Hepburn.

5 gardening necessities

My gardening journey started in an apartment with a really small garden that I wanted to look pretty while I sat and drank my afternoon tea. However, being a student I decided to only invest in plants that I could use in my kitchen. I planted basil, parsley and a bay tree – I made more basil pesto that year than ever before and it was all picked
from the garden. It truly gave me a great sense of achievement nurturing something with fairly minimal effort and reaping the rewards a few weeks later.

When we bought a house, the first thing I did was turn up a patch of lawn and plant a really big vegetable and herb garden. We moved cities a year ago and now I am growing everything in pots – wherever I could find space, there is now a pot of vegetables or a trough of herbs.

This year I will take you through some tutorials on how to grow your own garden, as this need not be a scary thing. Do not worry if you think that you do not have green fingers because I promise everyone does.

Before you start gardening here are my top 5 necessities you need

  1. A hat and sunscreen
    Let’s not kid ourselves – the South African sun can be brutal and really hot so make sure you cover up with loads of sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat.
  2. 5 gardening necessities

  3. Gardening gloves
    I am not the biggest fan of getting my hands too dirty and having dirt under my nails for weeks on end, so I suggest a good pair of gardening gloves. You can buy really affordable ones from places like Stodels and Colourful Splendour.
  4. 5 gardening necessities

  5. A small spade
    A small spade / trowel is a crucial tool for gardening. This little digger will help you plant seedlings or move plants when they outgrow their pot or space in the garden. Try find a spade that is strong and sturdy with a good firm connection between the blade and the handle.
  6. 5 gardening necessities

  7. A watering can
    In this heat, and considering the water restrictions, the plants still need water. Using a watering can you can still provide all your plants with the necessary hydration without breaking your water consumption limit. (You can find watering cans everywhere from any plant nursery to the Crazy store or even the major grocery stores)
  8. 5 gardening necessities

  9. A pair of secateurs
    Sturdy garden “scissors” (for a lack of a better word) will become an extension of your arm. They are crucial for pruning and cutting all plants, they will help you shape your plants to grow to a certain size and shape and when your vegetables and herbs are being harvested these sharp little guys will prove to be most useful without damaging the plant during pruning.
  10. 5 gardening necessities

    What are your gardening necessities? Leave us with a comment below.

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