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Today we share a free post-wedding checklist printable created by Mariaan from M.Studio for lovilee for your wedding planning file as well as a small check list that you can carry with in your purse. When planning a wedding, our thoughts tend to be filled with flowers, chair covers, vows and dancing. We ponder the creative side; we look to create beauty in a day and we sometimes forget the practicalities.

Alongside ensuring your day is outstanding and splendorous, you need to ensure that you have covered all the basics and are ready to start your new life as half of a pair. Download the printable fileshere.

The Practical Bits

  • Changing your name: For women sticking with tradition, after your wedding day you will have a new surname. When booking your honeymoon, make sure you book it in the name that is on your passport. If you don’t update your passport before the big day, book your trip in your maiden name. If not, your new husband may be flying solo.

    In order to change your name with the bank, the mortgage company, and in your ID book you will have to get in touch with your nearest home affairs office. Be prepared to fill in a few forms and have new photographs taken. This process can take up to four months so plan well in advance.

  • Updating the beneficiaries on your current policy(s): Most retirement policies require the specification of beneficiaries on the accounts, in the event of death. Whilst this is not something that one would like to consider starting out your life together, it is very important to update the details, should you want your spouse to be the beneficiary.

Preparing for all eventualities

  • Insuring for the future: Sharing a life together means sharing everything, and preparing for anything life may throw your way. Speak to your insurance company to update your current policies and take out joint life insurance policies. Make a joint will to cover future or existing children, your belongings, and all financial matters. A financial advisor will be able to offer advice on the best policies that suit your new family.
  • Wedding Insurance: Insuring your wedding day doesn’t mean you are insuring against one of you getting cold feet. By taking out wedding day insurance you are protecting yourself from fire, theft, and your suppliers going bust. The cost of a wedding can be sky high, so protect against all eventualities by taking out decent wedding insurance. God forbid, if anything does go wrong at least you are financially safe.

Once you have looked at the small print, covered yourself financially, it is time to get back to the fun side of planning your day. You can happily spend hours searching for that perfect venue, knowing that if it falls down before you are due to be wed you will get your money back!

Author: Jane Blackmore is a UK based blogger and writer. Married (and insured) she lives in a little leafy village with her three kids and pet hamster.

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