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Take just 5 minutes to make a DIY notice board

This 5 minute craft cork DIY notice board is just the thing to add a touch of lovilee and functionality to your kitchen. Decorative cork boards are not only for the home office or classroom. Whether you make use of a bulletin board to keep your notes, pretty picture memories or other items, Pinterest is filled with different cork board ideas!

5 minute kitchen craft cork board with free conversion chart printable

Add a DIY cork board into your kitchen will allow you to keep all your favourite ingredient conversions, important phone numbers, top recipes and other pieces of paper in one place. A top place to do this is in the inside of a kitchen cupboard so it is out of site or if you want your kids to see it too – stick it on the wall.

What you will need for this DIY cork board

  • A sheet of cork or a cork placemat (buy yours from your local craft store)
  • Prestik or Double sided tape
  • Push pins

DIY kitchen cork board

How to bring your push pin DIY notice board to life

  1. Cut your cork board to the desired shape and size. I rounded the corners of mine.
  2. Add your Prestik or double sided tape to the back of your cork board.
  3. Position the DIY cork board onto your chosen cupboard or any other surface.
  4. Tack your pieces of paper using pretty push pins.

DIY cork board for the kitchen

Kitchen conversion chart printable

I have some old family recipes (which I love) but the ingredients are listed as pounds and ounces – so I am constantly looking up the conversions. I have made a printable kitchen conversion chart for you if you have the same problem. Download the conversion chart here.

Printable kitchen conversion chart

If you like this DIY I know that you will LOVE this DIY pegboard which is perfect for a home office space.

DIY kitchen coark board step by step instructions

Images and printable by Lauren Kim Food Photography.

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