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Make this retro style Advent Calendar in under 2 hours

I am so impressed with myself that my advents calendar this year was not a rush job even though this Advent Calendar can be made in under 2 hours. I made this advent calendar as part of the Merry & Bright styled Christmas shoot.

Make this Advent Calendar in under 2 hours

What is an Advent calendar?

An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Since the date of the First Sunday of Advent varies, falling between November 27 and December 3 inclusive, many Advent calendars, especially those that are reusable, often begin on December 1. (source)

What you will need to make an Advents calendar?

  • Gift wrapping paper or white A4 copy paper (I combined these to make 12 from each)
  • 1-24 Advents Calendar retro style numbers available from the lovilee shop
  • Small vinyl flags, also available from the lovilee shop
  • A pair of scissors
  • Paper glue or adhesive tape
  • A ruler
  • Washing pegs or string to hang your gift bags with
  • Something to attach your gift bags to, I used this small grid wall

What you will need to make an advent calendar

How to fold a gift bag from almost anything

  1. Cut a rectangular piece of paper, I used a 20cm x 25cm piece using a pair of scissors. Fold the paper in 3 pieces to make a ‘Seam’ at the back that you stick closed with adhesive tape.
  2. Step 1: Making a gift bag

  3. Fold the paper over at the bottom to create a base for your bag, approximately 1/4 of the bag.
  4. Step 2: Making a gift bag

  5. Fold the bottom down again and proceed by folding the the two ends inwards as shown in the image below.
  6. Step 3: Making a gift bag

  7. Fold the bottom point upwards.
  8. Step 4: Making a gift bag

  9. And similarly fold the top point down and fix it together with clear adhesive tape.
  10. Step 5: Making a gift bag

  11. Fold the top down to create an enclosure for whatever you will be putting in the bag, approximately 2-6cm from the top.
  12. Step 6: Making a gift bag

  13. Decorate the gift bag by either using your own decor elements or the ones your purchase from the lovilee shop.
  14. Step 7: Making a gift bag

  15. Top en the gift bag, carefully slide your hand inside the pocket to create a 3D gift bag.
  16. Step 8: Making a gift bag

Use as many or as little colors as you like.

Advent calendar DIY gift bags

Hang the gift bags in order from or on something.

Advents Calendar with white Christmas Tree
Advents Calendar with white Christmas Tree

If you are looking for more advents calendar ideas and inspiration, have a look at this round-up of best advents calendar DIYs and printables.

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