Affordable, repositionable & easy to install wall vinyl: Create your own Dreamscapes

Online shopping, DIY, Decor – the things that dreams are made of! Today I get to share some beautiful before and afters of a DIY collaboration that I did with Dreamscapes. Whether you are looking for a Temporary Upgrade solution for a rental apartment, a dorm room or if you are a homeowner looking to add some colour or pattern to your walls, Dreamscapes offers customised one-box DIY decor solution.

What is the difference between traditional wallpaper and repositionable vinyl wallpaper?

Most traditional wallpapers are made from paper which is stuck to your wall using glue and you would need to pay a handyman to do this for you. They are often also not repositionable and when you move and take the wallpaper off you must repaint the wall.

Dreamscapes innovative wallpaper is a repositionable vinyl solution to the homeowner or tenant that wants to add interest to their walls without damaging the walls or having to make repairs afterwards. The perfect landlord-friendly decor solution that will not leave you out of pocket. The product that they manufacture is exclusive to Dreamscapes. It’s easy to put up – and even easier to take down, reposition* and reuse without doing damage to your wall.

Dreamscapes Vinyl Wallpaper installation

The Dream behind Dreamscapes repositionable vinyl wallpaper

Monique is the creative lady behind this business that was born mid-COVID-19. She found herself in online meetings sitting at her laptop staring at the blank walls behind the meeting participants. She began to dream of happy times, happy thoughts and travels that had inspired her in her life journey. She looked at her own blank walls and realised that an inspiring picture would not only change her personal mood but also the mood of her home!

Imagine looking out over the ocean or a field of colour – Inspiration brings so much positivity, it improves moods and blanks out negative thoughts as it brings a spark of light into your life!

How the ordering to delivering process works

  1. Select an image that you would like to run into wall art or wallpaper from or you can submit your own. I chose two images, the one from for my kitchen and the other a design that I bought from that was just a texture.
  2. Choose from three available sizes in either Landscape or Portrait options or you can email them a custom or preferred size (yup, they are able to accommodate custom sizes, both my prints were custom sizes!).
  3. Place your order and pay for it online. Dreamscapes will make your dream a reality by printing your image, packing it in a tube and sending it to your door.
  4. 4. Install your wallpaper or wall art by following the step-by-step installation guide on their website.

Affordable, repositionable & easy to install wall vinyl: Create your own Dreamscapes

How do I know whether my image will work that I want to print?

Taking a photo from Instagram or from your phone will probably not be the right size for print. Note that some phones are able to take high-quality images depending on the phone itself and its type of camera) When one prints the image and blow it up to live size the quality of the image is important to ensure that you do not see the pixels (spots) that make up the image. The name for good quality images is High-Res or High-Resolution images, they have more pixels per square than lower resolution ones.

Dreamscapes Vinyl Wallpaper installation

I love supporting local, are there any local photographers that I can support?

Buying local or having a photograph of a local South African landscape in your home is so special. Dreamscapes decided to make this dream a reality by adding some photographs from South Africans who do photography as a hobby to their store – local is lekker and I could not agree more. Shop them here.

Where can I look for free wallpaper images?

Dreamscapes have a few beautiful images that you can choose from on their site, but you can also submit your own images, subject to them checking the resolution of the submission. When choosing an image to print you need to make sure that you either own the Royalties for the image or that the image is royalty-free. Some of my personal favourite sites to look for FREE high-quality images or designs are:

Dreamscapes Vinyl Wallpaper installation

My experience with Traditional Wallpaper and Dreamscapes repositionable vinyl

Have you ever done a DIY traditional wallpaper installation? I don’t know about you, but I have done one and even though the final result was beautiful it was one of the more challenging DIY’s that I ever attempted. I messed up a whole roll of wallpaper and had to purchase a new one and had glue all over that included my hair. And, I am super scared of actually having to possibly remove my paper wallpaper one day, as I hear that it might prove to be quite a mission.

After sending my images and the custom sizes of the artwork that I wanted to be printed, Dreamscapes sent me images to approve and a close up of what the resolution of the images would look like. The Dreamscapes wallpaper then arrives cut to size and perfectly packaged for you to start DIY’ing, and even if you need to trim off a bit here and there it is really easy to do using a kraft knife, metal ruler and cutting board. Dreamscapes sent someone to assist me and give expert tips on the installation process for me to share with you, so here it goes:

  • Make sure your walls are smooth and painted with a sheen or semi-sheen paint, some matt paints may prove difficult to stick to. But not freshly painted walls!
  • Fill all holes beforehand and remove bumps if any, your walls must be smooth to ensure the best use of the vinyl wallpaper.
  • It is so much easier when two people do this together, so grab a friend or family member.
  • Don’t be scared – what makes this wallpaper so great to use is that even if you manage to stick it skew you are able to pull it off and re-position it without damaging the product.
  • Start at the right or left upper corners of your walls and work your way down or sideways from there. It makes it easier to roll up the wallpaper, face down and then, peel away around 10-15cm from the back starting this process slowly (I will share a DIY timelapse on Instagram).
  • Always pull the vinyl backing paper away at a 45-degree angle to make it easier.
  • Wipe the wallpaper with a squeegee or a smooth cloth.
  • These steps are quite easy to follow on straight walls but if you have weird angles you can always place the order online and ask Dreamscapes for a recommendation of someone to assist.
  • If you move or decide to re-decorate, peel the wallpaper from the wall and order a new image for the wall.

I decorated a small wall in my kitchen that you walk into when you enter the home every day from the garage and loooooove that it is now a focal point.

Before and after Dreamscapes wallpaper installation
Before and after Dreamscapes wallpaper installation

The second space that I updated was the Built-in-Cupboard, I wanted a linen-textured background so purchased an image from Etsy. I love that it is light and airy and think that it suits my country-style home perfectly.

Before and after Dreamscapes wallpaper installation
Dreamscapes Vinyl Wallpaper installation

Would love to hear what you think of these before and afters!

Whether you are wanting to add some colour to your own home or looking to purchase a gift for someone special this Christmas, you can find out more about Dreamscapes and the products that they create or order online via You can also follow them on Instagram.

Thank you for the beautiful images Melanie Wessels Photography.

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