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Bean There Coffee 44 Stanley ♡ Joburg

Bean There Coffee – fair Trade coffee brewed in the ♡ of the trendy 44 Stanley (There is also a brewery in Cape Town). A place where you can rest assured that your Flat White or Cappuccino will be served at the optimal temperature, free from the sacrilege of cheap cocoa sprinkles, the milk textured to perfection and poured lovingly to create a beautiful masterpiece of latte art. A place where you can buy beans without having to even check when it was roasted as you will never buy a pack which contains beans that are either too fresh or too old. A place where there is a passion for great coffee, where the often unappreciated drink is given it’s proper dues. I am of course referring to the Bean There Coffee Roastery.

Bean There Coffee - brewed coffee

Bean There Coffee Fair Trade Coffee  44 Stanley

If you are unsure of the exact location of the Bean There Coffee Roastery at 44 Stanley, you can simply follow the rich, enticing aroma. As soon as you walk through the doors the exposed rafters and eclectic décor will capture your imagination and make you feel like you somehow belong. The steam coming from the Probat where the roasted beans have just been dropped will peak your curiosity, whispering to you that the instant stuff (no it cannot be called coffee) must now firmly be put in your past. And finally the friendly staff and amazing coffee will have you coming back for more, more of the Black Ichor Of Life, never again to have a mediocre or dare I even say it, bad cup of coffee.

Bean There Coffee Brewery
Bean There Coffee Brewery

Life is too short for bad coffee…

At Bean There you will find single origin beans, acquired through fair trade and hand-roasted in small quantities to ensure a wonderful marriage of aroma, body, acidity and flavour. Their secret lies in a combination of the selection of great green beans, an optimal roast, the right grind and baristas skilled in the perfect extraction for whichever type of coffee you might favour.

Bean There Coffee Brewery
Bean There Coffee Brewery

Some brewed coffee terms you might want to throw around when frequenting Bean There

  • Crema: This is what makes Espresso so special. Though it is not 100% understood what exactly crema is, it is known to be a foam created by carbon dioxide contained in emulsified oils, both of which have been forced out of the bean by the high pressure water during extraction. This is part of the anatomy of espresso, and is the sweetest, most flavourful part of the experience. If there is no crema, there is no espresso, and you would do well to find either another barista, or another establishment.
  • Latte Art: Art on top of milk drinks such as Latte, Macchiato, cappuccino, and more.
  • Body: This is the liquid portion and mouthfeel, or texture-like weight of the drink on the palate.
  • Roast Profile: The rate, timing, temperature, and homogeneity of roast rate at various layers of the bean (external and internal). Roast profiling is critical for allowing the coffee’s own characteristics to be highlighted as well as for blending different coffees to be used as espresso, or as brewed coffee.
    Light Roast: No oil, usually cinnamon, or a little darker in color. Lighter body, more flavor of origin and acidity comes through.
  • Medium Roast: Very little to no oil present. Milk chocolate in colour, has added depth of body at the cost of some acidity, and possibly at the cost of some origin characteristics.
  • Dark Roast: Dark, almost black, with ample amounts of oil present on the surface. Almost, or all origin characteristics are gone, the body is beginning to decrease, the flavour is thin, and usually tastes of the roast, including charcoal, bitter flavours, and very low acidity.
  • Extraction: The brewing process is known as Extraction. Coffee solubles are extracted from the ground coffee and into the water. This process is what creates the beverage known as coffee. Too little extraction will yield a sour-tasting cup, while an over-extraction will result in a bitter brew.


Bean There Coffee Brewery
Bean There Coffee Brewery
Bean There Coffee Brewery

Now sit back with a cup of brewed coffee – the good stuff, because life is too short for bad coffee and see below what Bean There is all about.

Bean There Coffee Brewery
Bean There Coffee Brewery

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