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Copper Pipe Advent Calendar DIY

A while ago I saw a T-Shirt that said “OCD – Obsessive Christmas Disorder” and thought this was the best T-Shirt for me as I LOVE Christmas. I love the food we eat, the bringing together of family members, the act of giving to everyone and with all of those things the traditions that each family develop. I love doing things for Ross (not sure if he is such a fan of all my crazy ideas) so this year he is getting an advent calendar.

I decided to make him a calendar that was slightly different. This advent calendar includes 24 date nights – one for every night 🙂 Yes you heard me – date nights. I am a hopeless romantic and our date nights are sacred to me, so I thought why not try to do something every day together. If you have kids why not think of an activity you can do with the kids every day?

Each idea has been placed in a little copper pipe ready to be opened. I love the look of this calendar – it is so easy to make. Why not try it this weekend?

DIY copper pipe Christmas advent calendar

What you will need for this advent calendar DIY

  • Copper Plumbing Pipe cut into 10cm length pieces (You will need 24 pieces)
  • White string
  • Vinyl Cut out numbers or stickers
  • A stick to hang them on (I cut a branch off one of my trees in the garden)
  • 24 Pieces of Paper
  • A pen

Copper Pipe Advent Calendar DIY

How to construct your advent calendar

  1. Stick your vinyl sticker numbers onto the copper pipes.
  2. Copper Pipe Advent Calendar DIY

  3. Thread the string through the pipe and tie it together so that there is a little triangle formed and then run the one length of string approximately 40-60cm upwards before cutting it (try to make them different lengths so that when you hang them they all hang at different levels).
  4. Copper Pipe Advent Calendar DIY

  5. Write your activities on the pieces of paper and roll them up and place them in the copper pipes.
  6. Tie the copper pipes with the love letters onto the branch or pole, so that they hang at different heights and then have fun doing activities wth your loved ones.

Copper Pipe Advent Calendar DIY
Copper Pipe Advent Calendar DIY

See our Food tin advent calendar of last year here.

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