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Create pretty fabric covered hangers

Creating your own pretty fabric covered hangers literally only takes 10 minutes. The make for pretty storage in cupboards and a set makes for a great gift. It is also great use of all those off-cut pieces of fabric that you might have.

I suppose I have my eyes peeled for pretty hangers as my other business is mostly creating hangers over on I found these hangers that were used as part of a display at the Chinese market and asked whether I could purchase some. They look like plastic but are actually hollow aluminum hangers!

Creating fabric covered hangers - what you need

What you need?

  • Fabric
  • Wire, aluminum or plastic hanger
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors

Creating fabric covered hangers - steps

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Cut or tear the material into long strips, you don’t need much for the hanger. My pieces were 1.5cm in width and about a meter long.
  2. Stick double-sided tape to the hanger. You only have to add one strip on either side of the hanger.
  3. Starting below the ‘neck’ of the hanger, wrap the material all around until you end at the top of the hanger.
  4. Make use of double sided tape (or a glue gun) to stick the last pieces of material together and end it off nicely.

Creating fabric covered hangers

Is this an easy-to-do tutorial or what?

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