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Date Night Advent Calendar

Childhood memories consist of eagerly awaiting all day to open that window in your Christmas advent calendar and enjoy the chocolate treat inside! This date night advent calendar is a take on the traditional kids advent calendar. Enjoy the holiday month with a couple diy advent calendar.

Date night advent calendar

All you need for this adult advent calendar is

  • 25 envelopes or candy bags
  • Date night ideas, we share a list lower down on the post to get you started
  • A few stickers with numbers or a marker pen (or print out our Scandinavian style advent calendar)
  • A hanger or hook set
  • A punch
  • Some string

How to put this date night advent calendar together?

  1. Number your envelopes from 1-25. Have fun decorating them with washi tape, glitter or anything else that you love.
  2. Print or write 25 date night ideas.
  3. Seal the envelopes.
  4. Punch a hole through the envelope and tie the one end of the string to the envelope and the other end to the hanger. Repeat this for all 25 envelopes.
  5. Enjoy opening them everyday and spending quality time together.

Date night advent calendar
Date night advent calendar

NOTE: Write down which date night was placed in which envelope to ensure you know what’s happening during December.

Why not split the date nights so that half of them are a surprise for you.

Date night advent calendar

Here with some date night ideas that we put together for you:

  1. Make dinner together
  2. Go bowling
  3. Watch a movie
  4. Get dressed up and go for cocktails
  5. Drink coffee in bed
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Play a board game
  8. Order takeaways
  9. Go for a romantic stroll
  10. Ice Christmas cookies
  11. Visit the beach
  12. Have a face mask day
  13. Eat cereal for dinner
  14. Have a braai
  15. Give each other a foot massage
  16. Make a fort
  17. Swim in the pool
  18. Go listen to live music
  19. Eat dinner by candle light
  20. Have a pancake competition
  21. Visit the botanical gardens
  22. Enjoy a spa day

Date night advent calendar

See our DIY advent calendar post round-up here for some more inspirational Christmas Advents calendar ideas.

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