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DIY Coffee Body Scrub Bars

I love coffee, the rich smell in the morning of brewing coffee makes me happy! It is a luxury of mine that I treat myself too everyday – a good cup of coffee. Whenever I clean up my Bodum and pour the coffee grains down the drain I always feel like I could be “up-cycling” as my husband calls it. I finally found a way to use the coffee grains after my coffee which will be another luxury. Coffee Body Scrub Bars.

I used one this morning and they work so well. Body scrubs are great, I always feel like I wash away the old and am left with a new glowing skin – ready to face the world. The size of the bars are perfect for your whole body for one shower. The other best thing about these scrub bars is that they moisturise your skin beautifully – no need for more moisturiser. I was concerned that I was going to smell like a walking cappuccino but as I sniff my arms – I smell nothing (but in the shower it smells like a coffee factory – its greats. AND…. They are 100% natural which is great – no added chemicals. The last benefit is that while doing some research apparently caffeine is a good way to help remove cellulite *bonus*.

DIY Coffee Body Scrub Bars


  • Dry Ground Coffee (I poured my coffee into a plastic dish and left it on the windowsill in the sun to dry, if the mixture is wet it wont combine with the oil).
  • Coconut Oil (You can buy this at any pharmacy or green grocer).


  1. Mix the coffee granules with coconut oil well – this is now where your preference comes in, if you like a more coarse scrub I would use 1 tablespoon of ground coffee to 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil. If you like a softer body scrub use 1 teaspoon to 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil.
  2. The mixture will be fairly runny – at this point if you would like to add an essential oil here to make the scrub more scented add a few drops here and mix well.
  3. Pour the mixture into ice cubes (I poured mine into miniature silicone cupcake holders) and freeze them.
  4. Keep them in the freezer – as they will melt if you take them out. Remove one just before you hop in the shower.
  5. If you drink coffee – do yourself a favour and make these – they work beautifully!

    DIY Coffee Body Scrub Bars

    Images: Lauren Kim Photography

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