Get your home summer ready on a budget

If you’ve recently bought a new home, or you’re ready to buy and are looking at houses for sale, you’ll want to do some personalisation to it to get it summer ready. Chances are though, that if you’re about to buy or recently bought, there isn’t a lot of budget available for major renovations or updates. Pam Golding Properties asked me to write about how to get your new home ready for summer on a budget.

How to get your home summer ready on a budget

1. Add some greenery to your space

As we move into summer the trend is to move away from flowers towards lush greens. Add a plant to your space or even just some green leaves salvaged from your garden. Strelitzia leaves or Delicious Monster leaves can last for weeks in a vase provided that you change the water every 5 days or so. You only need 2 or 3 leaves to make a statement. Some of the best indoor plants that you can consider (and that even I have been able to keep alive) are the Peace Lily, Aloe, Rubber Plant, Philodendron and Pothos. Water-wise plants like succulents are of course much easier to look after and also make for pretty window displays provided that they get adequate natural light.

Philodendron plant used in a bathroom makeover with Union Tiles

2. Invite the summer indoors

Open up your windows and doors, pull away curtains and blinds, and let the fresh air and natural light in. Summer is a great time to clean your windows, both inside and out. I also like to change my bedding to more summer friendly materials like cottons and linen in light colours, and store away the fluffy duvets and velvet throws.

Indoor summer

3. Change up your art and decor pieces

Update your walls with gorgeous art or decorative pieces that evoke a summer feeling. Whether you make use of inexpensive printable art that you downloaded online or purchase some pieces, having pretty art on your walls will make your home feel fresh and new. Adding simple decor pieces like colourful bottles can also evoke a happy summer feeling.

4. Do Garden maintenance

Keeping your garden hydrated during the warmer weather will be the biggest challenge especially as water conservation in South Africa is key with climate changes. Water your plants after dark to ensure less evaporation occurs, making sure that you water their roots and not their leaves. Where possible, make use of greywater – which is water that is recycled, for example from the bath or from washing clothes. If you are adding plants to your garden, consider their water needs. Try to opt for indigenous, water-wise plants and group the plants together in your garden that require the same amounts of water.

Adding compost at regular intervals and turning the soil could help keep your plants healthy and fight pests and diseases. Compost, bark and dried leaves are all types of mulch, which helps to keep the soil cool and reduces evaporation.

5. Dress up your outdoor living space

Chances are that you, your friends and family will start spending more time outside as the weather gets warmer. Start by cleaning your space and getting organised. If you have patio furniture, dust and clean them, and wash the cushioning and rugs if applicable. Decorate your space with bright colours, fairy lights, hanging plants or other interesting decor items.

Include annual maintenance of wooden doors, window frames and outdoor furniture on your checklist. Some woods need to be varnished and others oiled to avoid damage in the summer heat and rain. Shape hedges and keep your lawn trimmed; not only will this help with curb appeal, but it could possibly help increase the value of your home.


Hope these tips will help you make this summer a lovilee one!

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