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How to make a copper DIY bathroom towel rail

Somethims DIY’ing can be really simple and easy, this copper DIY bathroom towel rail is simply that. I got the idea making this rail when I did the Builders Warehouse mother’s day tray challenge. So when I started working on my ‘GROUNDED’ bathroom inspiration with ISCA Taps for Decorex 2018 Cape Town, I wanted to add some DIY bathroom ideas and inspiration that had a brushed metal look. the bathroom rail idea was born.

How to make a copper DIY bathroom towel rail

What you will need to make your own copper rail?

  • 1 x copper pipe of approx 700mm long
  • 2 x copper elbows
  • 2 x copper caps
  • 2 x copper pipes of approx 50mm long
  • 2 x screws
  • A drill
  • Epoxy glue from Builders Warehouse

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Mount the two copper caps onto the wall using a drill and the screws. Make sure that you measure accurately to see where they should be placed.
  2. Assemble the towel rail, sticking the pieces together using the Epoxy
  3. Lastly place the towel rail into the caps on the wall, again sticking it with the Epoxy.

I bought most of the items from a local plumbing store who also cut the pipes to size for me. They did a perfect job so the rest of this DIY was really easy. It is important to note that the pipes do give off a black residue as it is copper. To avoid this you can use a clear sealant to seal all of the pipes before you start this DIY. I purchased a Rust-Oleum clear spray paint sealant also from Builders Warehouse to seal it before I started this DIY.

See the full video with DIY instructions below

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We have started planning some awesome new ideas for Decorex Joburg in August!!! Can’t wait to share it all.

How to make a copper DIY bathroom towel rail

Who is ISCA and what products do they sell?

The company ISCA was founded way back in 1980 and is a leading South African manufacturer of high quality brass taps and mixers for domestic applications. Their products and taps come with great warrantees and are budget friendly with great designs.

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