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How to press flowers with Lauren Kim!

Today I get to show you how to press flowers. Pressed flowers is a technique that has been around for a very long time. It is a technique that all ages can enjoy and everyone can craft with the flattened dehydrated flowers. You do not need any fancy equipment to get a beautiful result.

You can play around making use of various kinds of flowers or even leaves. Some of the flowers stay the same bright colours that they were when fresh, others discolor completely. Creating pressed flowers is a nice activity that you can involve the kids in. Let them each press some of their own flowers and see how they turn out.

How to press flowers

What you need for pressing flowers

  • Flowers – you can use one from your own garden or ones that you purchase, even leaves if you want
  • A book
  • Paper Towel sheets
  • A pile of heavy books
  • Time

how to press flowers

How to press flowers? Step by step instructions

  1. Cut off the stem behind the flower if you want a flattened flower face up. If you would like to flatten it with the stem from a side angle that can also be done. Before you place the flower in the book (see below) think of what you will be using these flowers for. (I love the face of the pansy and viola flower so I wanted to see the full flower)
  2. how to press flowers
    how to press flowers

  3. Place a paper towel on top and underneath your flower in between the pages of a book.
  4. how to press flowers

  5. Gently close the book making sure the flowers remain in their position.
  6. Place the book under a pile of heavy books for a minimum of a week. The constant pressure from the books will extrude the moisture from the flowers which will be absorbed by the paper towel.
  7. Remove the flowers gently from the book (using tweezers if you need to) and begin crafting.
  8. You can make cards or gift tags using calligraphy, washi tape, and twine to customise each card. You can also create a piece of art by placing the flowers between two pieces of perspex.

how to press flowers
Pressed flower and calligraphy stationary
Pressed flower and calligraphy stationary
Pressed flower and calligraphy card
Pressed flowers in Perspex frame

If you are into crafts and DIY why not join the Creative Challenge group on Facebook? The challenge for September is making cotton rope baskets.

Images by Lauren Kim Photography

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