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How to wrap a flower bouquet – 4 different ways

Ever wondered how to wrap a flower bouquet? Or maybe you already know how to wrap flowers but looking for some other ideas on how to wrap them? Flowers are such an incredible thing. I use the word “thing” as mother nature has provided us with such a beautiful array of gifts that we can look at in nature or cut and arranged into bunches and given as gifts to yourself or someone special.

Giving flowers can still be wrapped and presented beautifully.

How to wrap flowers by Lauren Kim Photography

How to wrap a flower bouquet using a Simple Ribbon

Take a large bunch of flowers or greenery and take a beautiful piece of fabric ribbon and tie the stems together. A simple yet elegantly beautiful way to present the gift of mother nature.

How to wrap flowers
How to wrap flowers

How to wrap flowers using Hand Written Wrapping Paper

  1. Cut a piece of brown craft paper.
  2. Using soft brush pens or even a permanent marker – write words or messages all over the paper.
  3. wrapping paper with hand writing on

  4. Scrunch the paper into a ball and then flatten it out to get a beautiful texture to the paper. Flip the piece of paper face down and place your flowers on the paper.
  5. Wrap the paper around the stems.
  6. Tie a piece of twine around the paper and flowers.
  7. Bouquet wrapped in brown paper with writing on

how to wrap flowers with brown paper

Flowers in a Gift Bag

This kind of flower sleeve works well for a small bouquet of flowers.

  1. Arrange your flowers and tie them with an elastic band.
  2. Place the flowers in a small plastic bag with a little water.
  3. Place the plastic bag and flowers into a gift bag.
  4. The perfect gift of beauty.

Fresh lavender in a gift bag
Fresh lavender captured by Lauren Kim Photography

Traditional Gift Wrapped flower bouquet

  1. To prepare to flowers take two pieces of kitchen paper towel and wrap the bottom of the stems in the paper towel.
  2. Wet the kitchen towel fully and squeeze the excess water out the paper towel.
  3. Place a piece of glad wrap under the stems and paper towel.
  4. Wrap the wet kitchen towel and stems in the glad wrap (this will keep the moisture trapped and keep the flowers alive for longer.
  5. Cut a large piece of wrapping paper and arrange the bunch of flowers at an angle to the top left point of the paper.
  6. Fold the left-hand side over to the right the flowers.
  7. Fold the right-hand side of the flower sleeve over to the left over the paper and flowers.
  8. Keep folding until the end of the paper ends and stick it down with a piece of washi tape
  9. Wrap with some twine.

Traditional Gift Wrapped Flowers

Don’t these white flowers look stunning with a navy wrapping?!

If you like this tutorial you will also like the printable paper for wrapping flowers designed by Lieflingkind Design that we shared before. It also includes some lovilee tags that you can cut out and add to your flowers.

Images by Lauren Kim Photography.

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