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As a balloon expands, so too does my love for you…

Andrew McLelland + Lauren Carson recently ventured into the heart of Jozi with photographer Laurentia E Photography who managed to get some special shots of the two of them in love. The balloons added some fun + colour to the already colourful city-center.

“As a balloon expands, so too does my love for you with each passing day. To know how I truly feel about you, look no further than the balloon giraffe.
” ― Jarod Kintz

How did the two of you meet?
We met at a friend’s dress-up themed “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that…” birthday party a few years ago. Needless to say we didn’t look our best. After meeting Andrew and jokingly insulting him he mistakenly thought I was interested in him. I proceeded to dance the night away with my friends. Lucky for me he was oblivious and asked friends for my number and then asked me out on a date. When I met him for the date I immediately fell for his big blue eyes (he looked much better in ordinary clothes!) and great sense of humour.

Laurentia E Photography Engagement shoot012

Tell us about the proposal:
The mood… after missing our first flight from Manila we were relieved after two short aeroplane hops and a boat trip to reach our island destination, Apulit in the Philippines…but not that happy about having to leave our luggage behind and go out to dinner in travel clothes.

The ruse… the hotel would take us to another island resort by boat as their way of apologising to us for the mix up.

The truth… Andrew had very cleverly + lovingly set this whole thing up over the last few months and kept it a secret from absolutely no one… except me!

He asked my parents’ permission, designed the ring specially for me, told the hotel manager the initial options provided for the proposal location simply weren’t good enough and asked that they come up with something better. So the idea of a deserted island, used only for snorkel stops until then, was picked as the place. He would pop the question… or would he?

We arrived at the island via speed boat to hotel staff setting up a dinner table for us, a personal chef and lots of bubbly to enjoy on our blanket while overlooking the moonlit sea, surrounded by candles in the sand. Well now that I’ve set this beautiful scene you need to know exactly what I said next… and I quote: “Jeepers Ards, if you’re ever going to propose – this is the way to do it!”

I turned towards him only to have a ring thrust at me!And that’s how Andrew never did get to pop the question…I pretty much did it for him!

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