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Introducing you to My Tiny Teepee custom kids teepees

My Tiny Teepee is owned and managed by Olivia and her incredible mamma – Mignonne. Their teepees are loved by each and every mommy and kid who has one and the princess was spoilt with a custom teepee of her own. We showed some previews of the teepee in our Scandi Christmas shoot and are now proudly Brand Ambassadors.

What is a teepee?
A Tipi or Teepee is a cone-shaped tent that were traditionally made by Native Americans who frequently moved from place to place. Tepees are made from long poles, and are covered with material. Nowadays us mommies love to use them as a Kids play tent, they are easy to assemble and to store away or transport.

I think that I half drove Olivia crazy with my ideas, but I ended up with the prettiest teepee of them all! The golden touches to the wooden poles was such a lovilee surprise. Each Teepee is handmade and can be fully customised – so you’re getting something made perfectly – just for you.

Gold dipped teepee poles
My Tiny Teepee custom Kids Teepee

My Tiny Teepee are in the business of making small humans happy. Small little people need hideouts. A place to call their own. Where they can be pirates and fairies and pretty much whatever they’d like to be. That’s our job. To give them a fort. A place. Their own place. A Tiny Teepee.

My Tiny Teepee custom kids teepees

How did My Tiny Teepee come about?

“My mamma has been creating since I was born. She magically handcrafted everything in my life. I was so blessed to have almost everything I own made by her hands. After running a clothing factory and Embroidery Studio for almost 18 years – her path making corporate wear ended, it was time to slow down. To craft. To do what she was passionate about. Teepees, knitted toys, jerseys, quilting.

Moving to Cape Town in 2015 opened up my eyes to my Mother’s talent and I decided to start marketing for her – and so started My Tiny Teepee. Slowly getting the most incredible locals involved proved easy because of the strong sense of community. And so it spread. A mom and daughter run business through and through. Life changing in every way.

Our entire hearts go into everything we do. It’s love.”

My Tiny Teepee custom Kids Teepee Tent
Kids in a My Tiny Teepee custom Teepee
Kids in a My Tiny Teepee custom  Teepee

How can lovilees go about ordering a custom kids teepee tent?

“Because each and every teepee is a custom piece they are not available from any conventional stores. Each teepee tent is made specifically for your little person. The My Tiny Teepee website facilitates the customisation from start to end. First you choose the main colour of the Teepee, You then have the option to add on lace to the top, colouring to the teepee pole sleeves and lastly the Door trim colour. A plethora of accessories which can each be customised can them be added. Simple. “

How long does production of a kids teepee take from when payment is received?

“The production of each teepee varies, depending on the accessories you choose but normally it’ll take a day for one of our incredible local seamstresses to make one up.”

Which has been your favourite teepee to date?

“Every single one. I can’t choose. I never want to choose. I love that they are all my favourite. I love this job with my entire heart. Seeing happy children and making mammas smile makes my heart explode.”

My Tiny teepee

Contact details for My Tiny Teepee
Facebook: @mytinyteepeetent
Instagram: @mytinyteepee

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