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Make these DIY herb markers

Today I get to share these really easy to make DIY herb markers. 2017 is the year of ‘greenery’ (The Pantone colour for the year). I love my garden and anything alive and producing oxygen. A great gift for anyone is a pot plant or herb for their house or kitchen. If you have your own herb garden and want to jazz it up a little bit add these herb markers so anyone you send into the garden can pick the right ingredient.

Winter is virtually in full swing and although most of us will be staying cosy indoors there is still some gardening that can be done. Some herbs and veggies are best planted during the winter. See this link for a guideline of what you can look at planting. You might also want to have a read through my post on how to achieve herb and veggie garden success before you put on your gardening gloves here.

DIY Plant markers

What you need to make these DIY herb markers

  • Air Dry Clay
  • Grease Proof Paper
  • Rolling Pin
  • Alphabet Rubber Stamps
  • Knife
  • Paint of your choice or Marker pens of your choice
  • Modge Podge
  • Paint brush to apply the modge podge with

How to make them

  1. Roll our your air dry clay on the grease proof paper (this prevents any mess) to 2-3mm thick and cut the clay into pegs. Smooth the edges by dipping your finger into water and rubbing the edge smooth with your finger.

  2. DIY Plant markers

  3. Stamp the word or name onto the peg or leave blank if you wish to write your own message on later on.
  4. Leave the peg markers in the sun to dry completely (ensure that the surface you leave them is flat as they will dry to the shape they are rested on)
  5. When the markers are dry you can use them as is and just finish them with a layer or two of modge podge, if you want to add some colour and design to the pegs paint them the colour of your choice or use permanent markers (or Sharpies) to add some colour and design.

  6. DIY Plant markers

  7. Finish the pegs with two layers of modge podge and stick them into your herbs or into any pot plant.

DIY Plant markers
DIY Plant markers

What do you think of the final product?

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