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Making a Cricut Foil Transfer Mother’s day card

Mother’s day is just around the corner, we will be celebrating this special day on Sunday, 8 May this year and there is something quite special about being able to spoil a special someone with a perfectly pretty handmade card.

This was the first project that I designed from scratch in the Cricut Design Studio and also the first time that I made use of the Cricut Foil Transfer kit.

What would you need to make the Mother’s Day card for your mother?

Making a Cricut Foil Transfer Mother's day card
  • The Cricut Foil Transfer System and foil sheets
  • A Cricut Maker or Explore (find a list of suppliers in South Africa here)
  • Cardstock in the colour of your choice
  • A pair of scissors or craft knife and a metal ruler

How to use the cricut foil transfer system?

  1. Use this link to add the Cricut Design that I made to your Design Space. I designed it to fit a 6×6 inch card, but you can resize it to how big or small you would like it. You can easily convert any SVG into a foil transfer design by changing the Line Type in the Cricut Design Space from Cut to the Foil setting.
  2. When you are ready you can choose the foil setting instead of cut setting in the Cricut Design Space.
  3. Place the cardstock on your light blue cutting mat and secure the foil using the tape provided to the part of the card that you want to foil on, making sure that it has no bubbles. Remember that the gold colour for instance must be upright for it to apply correctly to your card
  4. Insert the Medium foil tip into the Foil transfer housing system and insert it into the housing of your Cricut instead of your standard blade. Since the tips are magnetic and can easily be stored on the magnetic strip inside the front door of your machine.
  5. Follow the Design Space instructions and load the mat, Start the foil transfer by clicking the flashing Cricut button and unload the mat when done.
  6. Carefully remove the foil from the cardstock to reveal your beautiful creation.

I also found a very nice How To Cricut Foil Transfer instruction video that might come in handy.

Hope that you loved this DIY!

Thank you to Hello Love Photography for the beautiful images!

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