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How to make a minimalistic DIY towel ring

If you are all about minimalism of aspiring the minimalist look then you will love this DIY towel ring tutorial. This DIY is quick and easy to do, the hardest part being drilling into the wall to mount the towel ring. (Get a handy man or husband to drill the hole making sure that you use the correct drill bit for the surface that you are drilling into.)

This DIY should take you between 10 and 15 minutes to do. So an easy weekend project.

Make your own minimalist towel rail


What you will need for this DIY towel ring?

  • 6″ metal dream catcher ring in a brass gold finish
  • A black leather strap
  • A 6mm brass screw to match the ring and a plug for the wall
  • A drill and the correct drill bit for the surface that you want to drill into
  • Hammer
  • Star screwdriver

DIY towel holder

How to assemble your minimalist bathroom accessory?

  1. Make a mark with a pencil on the surface of the wall or tiles that you want to mount the towel rail.
  2. Carefully drill a hole or get one drilled by a handyman, making sure that you steer clear of all pipes that might possibly be in the wall.
  3. Hammer the plug into the wall lightly.
  4. Place the leather strap through the metal hoop making sure that the holes align.
  5. DIY towel holder

  6. Place the screw through the hoop and screw it into the plug in the wall.
  7. DIY towel holder

Hang a pretty hand towel inside the hoop. An wow your guests (or family) with your new skills!

DIY towel holder
DIY Towel Holder

This was an exciting collaboration with Point Leather.

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