Decorating with mirror windows

We love mirrors, not only for checking our make-up and hair in but also because they reflect light and add depth to a space. They are fantastic as magical décor elements in a home, making your rooms look bigger and can even be used as stunning architectural décor pieces or as artworks on a wall. They have the ability to transform an ordinary room into something which pops in a classy way.

We especially adore mirror windows. Use them by propping them up against walls as focal points in an otherwise ordinary room or place them in a garden, mounted on a wall to give the illusion of a secret garden, as it reflects the greenery around. Here is some more mirror window inspiration:

The fairy lights reflected in the window mirror and the roses in the foreground give a whimsical look.

mirror windows

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The Scandinavian with French flair look is created using the stacking of hand-picked goodies and rusted boxes below with a neutral colour palette in greys and green, using the mirror as a backdrop.

mirror windows

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This room is given a “faux” window with the use of a mirror in the corner, making the room bigger.

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Using a mirror in the garden outside, we like this a lot.
mirror windows

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A very French look is created here with these mirrored walls.
mirror windows

Photo credit: Chipper hatter, Country French Magazine.

We hope you enjoy your decorating wherever you are by bringing more light and beauty into your space with some mirrors.

Thumbnail image is by Carike Ridout Photography.

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