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On trend with these Moroccan Inspired Tiles

One of the trends making headway this year is the Moroccan inspired tiles with their bold geometric patterns and sometimes bright colours. These tiles are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms, but there is no need to limit the use of these gorgeous tiles to just those areas. The patterned tiles will appeal to those looking for a contemporary look, but they can also create a lovilee vintage-inspired atmosphere in a home. I am planning to renovate our guest bathroom soon, making use of Moroccan inspired tiles for the floor and will be sharing some inspiration.

Moroccan Inspired Tiles from WOMAG

Historically Moroccan tiles was known as Zellige tilework. Morocco developed such a distinctive design style with their tiles are now referred to as Moroccan tiles. These terra cotta tiles were covered with enamel in the form of chips set into plaster to make up the patterns. Patrons of the art used zellige to decorate their homes as a statement of luxury and the sophistication of the inhabitants. Zellige is typically a series of patterns utilizing colourful geometric patterns. The colour palettes started off with only whites, yellows, blues and greens being used. Reds were introduced in the 17th century and other colours thereafter. (Wikipedia)

Moroccan Inspired Tiles from WOMAG

One of the companies that provide these decorative tiles are WOMAG (previously known as The World or Marble and Granite). Their range of Moroccan inspired tiles, the Heritage Collection, have a non-slip finish and is suitable for use on both walls and floors. Nowadays these tiles are manufactured from porcelain rather than the original cement.

The Modern version of these ancient tiles is a large tile which “embeds” within it the smaller tiles used to create the wonderful patterns. Their advantage of course is that they can be laid in a fraction of the time without foregoing the wonderful easy-on-the-eye effect. The collection boasts four colourways of which my favourite has to be the Heritage black collection.

Moroccan Inspired Tiles from WOMAG
Moroccan Inspired Tiles from WOMAG

The four colourways of the WOMAG Heritage Collection are

Heritage Black
For this design, four distinct geometric shapes together form a single tile. On-trend teal is prominent in this striking 331.5×331.5mm tile which combines 56 different patterns, enhancing the notion of a handcrafted product.

Deco Heritage Black
With its black, charcoal and off white patterning, this set of patchwork design tiles is ideal for spaces where a neutral palette is key. Geometric patterning creates visual interest while the use of black creates a 3D illusion. (available in a 320x620x9mm tile).

Heritage Mix
For spaces where colour is key, this fun design features bold geometric shapes in a mix of yellows, greens, pinks, blues, and rustic reds. This tile is available in a 331.5X331.5mm tile offering.

Deco Lys Gris
This classically-influenced 320X620x9mm tile features a muted palette of blue and grey hues, making it ideal for spaces that lean towards more old than new. With delicate detailing that mimics graphic vintage floral detailing like the fleur de lis, this tile will feel right at home in spaces where contemporary and traditional touches both feature.


Where to use Moroccan inspired tiles
I love the floors done with these beauties, but some might find it overwhelming to make use of patterned tiles for an entire floor. The tiles are great for use on accent walls in kitchens, bathrooms or living areas but also look great when used as slash backs behind basins or baths. Even a counter top tiled with these tiles can add a special something to a space.

For inspiration on how to use these tiles in your home you can view their idea book or follow them on Pinterest.


WOMAG is not only a supplier of decorative tiles but have a huge range that include metro/subway tiles (which I also happen to swoon over), concrete look tiles, limestone, marble, slate, mosaics and even wood-look tiles.

The company is also one of SA’s most highly regarded suppliers of natural stone, engineered quartz surfaces, designer sanitary-ware and then tiles. WOMAG was the first company in South Africa to introduce engineered quartz surfaces with Ceasar Stone and they are also a member of the Green Building Association of South Africa.

Where you can get your hands on the products
WOMAG has three showrooms in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg. (see the locations here). Should you want to get hold of them in other regions I have provided their contact details below or you can complete the contact form on their website.

For more information or to get in contact
Facebook: WOMAG SA
Twitter: @WOMAGSA
Instagram: @WOMAG_SA
Pinterest: WOMAG
Tel: 086-11-WOMAG (96624)

PS: Have you heard of the Lion of Paarden Eiland? It is a description given to the black lion outside the WOMAG showroom on Paarden Eiland Road. It is a Pokestop as part of the new Pokemon Go game, might be worth a visit!

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