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Introducing Lamelle skincare

So, as a rule I do not post about skin care on the blog, but I felt that this was a good a time as any to share this new journey with you. Since a baby I had issues with my skin. I had allergic reaction to various baby products and also battled with eczema. My mom just resorted to using fragrance free aqueous creams I also react to washing powders and soaps and still do so I have to make use of glycerine soaps and Woolworths’ washing powder.

Being quite fair in complexion, having a dry and hyper sensitive skin and oat allergy finding the perfect product is a bit of a struggle. Thus the reason that I stay clear of reviewing skincare products. I feel that someone with a ‘normal’ type skin would give a way more ofair review of skincare products than I would ever be able to give.

I have literally spent thousands of rands on skin care products over the past decade or so, especially face skincare products. They seem to work for 2 or 3 days then the itching and redness starts. After my hystorectomy my skin changed again, but for the better (yup, it was one of the perks). I definitely have less blackheads but it is now at times very dry and red. So sorting this issue out was top of my list.

Lamelle skincare products

I knew little about Lamelle skincare and their products but knew that they were specialised medical products which made me more comfortable to give this a try. I also like that they are made in South Africa especially for the conditions that our skins are exposed to every day. After I heard that the founder of Lamelle, a medical doctor, with experience in postmenopausal gynecology (where I am at) was behind it all I was sold. I needed to try the products to see if anything worked. (They are also the official skin care range for Mrs South Africa)

My consultation with Lamelle

I met up with a specialist at the Lamelle Research Laboratories who discussed my skin situation with me. The company currently has 5 different Lamelle skincare ranges that deals with various skin care issues.

  • Clarity – A range deals with problematic skin conditions like acne.
  • Dermaheal – A comprehensive solution for preventing and managing the chronic processes of ageing – especially the type of ageing that is caused and aggravated by sun exposure (photo-ageing)
  • Serra – This is their range that deals with dry and sensitive skin that aims to restore the pH level of the skin.
  • Nourish – Also pronounced ‘NO YOUR ISH’ (I am totally in love with this packaging). This is their ‘maintenance’ range – In younger skin it helps prevents ageing and in older skins it helps halt this process.
  • Luminesce – The treatment range for pigmentation.

The obvious solution to my skin problem would thus have been the full Serra range, but it contains Oat Beta Glucan one of the ingredients that my skin reacts to. This ingredient is normally the one that has a calming effect on most people’s skins that battle with dryness and sensitivity. The cleanser however does not contain this ingredient so I was able to use this. This range also has no fragrances, colourants, preservatives or parabens. (read all about the Serra range here)

Lamelle skincare products

As my skin has taken quite a beating with all the hormonal issues and have started showing signs of ageing I started using the Dermaheal Renewal cream. Dermaheal activates cells that have become dormant/stagnant with age and sun damage. This product makes use of recombinant human growth factors which is way too scientific for me to explain so I advise that you definitely have a look here to find out more.

Follow my skin story over on Instagram and Instagram stories where I will be sharing some more on my skincare journey with Lamelle.

Lamelle skincare products

Other Lamelle products

In addition to the 5 ranges mentioned above Lamelle also has some supplements that can boost the use of their products. One that assists in the treatment of acne and another the symptoms of menopause. They also have a lovilee range of sunscreens and some other correctives that deal with specific issues and can be used accross most of the ranges. They also have lash enhancer treatments and a small range of haircare products.

Where can you find Lamelle skincare products?

As these are professional skincare products it is advised that you getan expert to assist with purchasing the correct product for your skin. You can get in contact with Lamelle and they will advise you where to purchase and of the products in your area.

Lamelle product brochures - my skincare journey

About Lamelle Research Laboratories

Lamelle was founded in 2005 by Dr Bradley Wagemaker (a medical practitioner) and Tony De Barros, joined later by shareholder Donald Smith.Dr Wagemaker is the prodigy behind the development of Lamelle’s skin care products. He specialised in Medical Aesthetics, research and development, and has extensive clinical research experience in the fields of postmenopausal gynecology, endocrinology and critical care medicine. He held research positions with various multinational pharmaceutical companies before founding Lamelle Research Laboratories with Tony De Barros.

I’d love to hear what type of skin you have and more abour your skincare regimes so leave me with a comment!

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