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IKEA South Africa? My Flat Pack

If you have never been to an IKEA or never seen an IKEA catalogue, you have to!!!! IKEA is one of the best shops that I have ever visited, it is a one of a kind store with everything from gifting to decor to furniture – everything flat-pack.

I visited a store in France a few years back and it is an experience on it’s own. Unlike the shops that we are used to, this store is set up in rooms – there are kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries and more, you literally either scan or make notes of the bar codes of the products that you like in the room and then afterwards proceed to a massive warehouse where computers and people assist to find the items that you selected. It is crazy awesome and literally everything is pretty!

I was so sad that I could not find some of the products in South Africa as they are really affordable even when converting from EUR to ZAR. There used to be a company that sadly closed down where you could place a custom order for goods from IKEA UK, and this is also how I purchased my White PS Cabinet.

My Flat Pack is a Johannesburg based business that has started to import items straight from IKEA, allowing you to purchase via their website. MYKEA only sell in stock items, so the waiting time for delivery after purchase is only a few days! They offer courier options to most places in South Africa. I recently ordered some spice racks from them and got them delivered in less than a week! Great service lovilees!

My Flat Pack IKEA furniture importer in South Africa

A brief history
The IKEA name is a combination of the initials of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, (IK) with the first letters from the names of the farm and village where he grew up
- Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd (EA). The company was founded in Sweden in 1943. The company is known for its modern architectural designs for various types of appliances and furniture, and its interior design work is often associated with an eco-friendly simplicity. The company has over 350 stores in 47 countries and is a well-known brand in Europe, the US and more.

We constantly ask: Is there a better way? That’s how the IKEA home furnishings offer remains unique and how we try to make everyday life better for the many people.

What is ‘flat-pack’ furniture?
IKEA set the bar for shipping furniture via the postal service and became the industry leaders in packing the pieces of furniture in virtually flat boxes. The aim was to make the furniture affordable without compromising on quality, allowing the customer to assemble the pieces themselves.

For more information or to get in contact with My Flat Pack visit
Contact: +27 (0)62 005 7509

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